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Lydia Blinn, APPRENTICE, Indreland Ranch

April 2023

A balance between community, nature and self-awareness are factors that could contribute to a meaningful life. I think this apprenticeship will deepen my understanding of each topic. We are all relational beings that need other people in order to survive. Community provides that support system. Nature nourishes our lives and allows us to observe and understand life cycles. Self-awareness is vital because when we are conscious of our beings and actions, then we can make intentional choices. 

It’s a challenge to learn new things or acquire knowledge alone and community provides a basis for developing who we are as people. This apprenticeship has provided a wonderful community to develop as a person interested in regenerative agriculture and ranch life. From the mentors, other apprentices and the coalition staff I feel like we all have a strong base for the next 7-8 months in aiding us with all the novelty. Since we are all spread out, this also forces us to rely on our local communities and understand how they do things. Nature keeps us rooted and provides us with the knowledge and nourishment our minds and bodies need. I am excited to learn so much more about soil health and how the long term effects of regenerative agriculture promote healthier animals, people and planet. Nature calls us to deepen our relationship with the land and we are able to do that each day. Observing nature brings meaning to micro and macro aspects of life, revealing what works and what doesn’t. As an apprentice I get the enhanced opportunity to listen and pay attention to what nature is telling me. Self-awareness allows us to take everything we’ve gathered and be able to distinguish what gives us purpose. Being aware of the fact that my attitude and mind set affect everything around me allows me to choose what I want to see. My time on the Indreland Ranch so far has already given me daily opportunities to step back and learn something new about myself.

Through all the learning experiences and challenges to come, I hope to incorporate community, nature and self-awareness in my choices to better myself and the ranch. I was chosen to be a role here and I look forward to bringing purpose to the life around me. 

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