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Jaelee Weir, APPRENTICE, Barthelmess Ranch, Montana

May 2022

I grew up on a farm and ranch in southeast New Mexico, which has immersed me in the agricultural industry throughout my life. I was in both 4-H and FFA in school and raised and showed many species of animals.  I have helped on the family farm and ranch since I was little helping to gather, brand, and vaccinate cattle, and rake and bale hay.  I have always enjoyed working with cattle and other livestock and messing with horses, but I felt that I hadn’t received enough hands-on experience in the ranching management aspect. Nor do I have much experience with electric fencing, machinery, or mechanics. 

I love to see and learn new things as well as go to new places.  I became very excited to find and get this opportunity to learn these things in a new state and learn how other operations handle their cattle. Through this experience, I hope to learn as much as I can about the agricultural industry and its operation. I want to learn the economics of the industry and the financial aspects of different operations. I hope to learn more about machinery, welding, and fencing to assist in these areas when I return home. I want to learn more about soil health, land management, and the conservation of different wildlife species. Regenerative practices intrigue me, and I hope to bring more of them home with me. Overall I hope to grow as a woman in agriculture and learn more about myself and my interests through this experience.

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