William deBuys

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Conservationist and writer William deBuys is the author of ten books, including A Great Aridness: Climate Change and the Future of the American Southwest (2011) and River of Traps (a 1991 Pulitzer finalist). His most recent book, The Trail to Kanjiroba: Rediscovering Earth in an Age of Loss, appeared in August 2021. From 2001 to 2005 he chaired the Valles Caldera Trust in its early efforts to manage the 89,000-acre Valles Caldera National Preserve in north-central New Mexico. He has held various fellowships, including a Guggenheim fellowship in 2008-2009 and a Kluge fellowship at the Library of Congress in 2018. He lives on a farm he has tended since 1976 in northern New Mexico.