Watch Party – Livestock Compass


Wednesdays, February 10 and 24, 2021


5:30-7:00pm MT


For this watch party we will pivot our usual focus on soil health tools, to instead learn about the Livestock Compass: a tool that helps measure the profitability of meat and egg enterprises. As you can read on their website:

[The Livestock Compass] “will be most beneficial for farmers who raise multiple species and who sell their products in multiple market channels…and who are trying to parse out which products and which markets are most profitable. Any Livestock Producer will find the tool useful, however. Dairy farmers will need to wait for our forthcoming Pasture-Based Dairy Compass tool.”

For the first session we’ll get together to watch a webinar that explains how to use the livestock compass, then for two weeks we’ll engage in short activities to help us practice its use. Finally, for the second and final session, we’ll come back together for questions, concerns and experiences. We’ll be joined by the makers of the Livestock Compass so you can ask questions and give feedback.

Please contact Leah Potter-Weight at leahpw at quiviracoalition dot org with any questions.