Technical Assistance

Working directly with land stewards

In recent years increasingly Quivira works directly with ranchers, farmers, and other land stewards to provide direct technical assistance to help these folks achieve their social, economic, and ecological goals. Types of technical assistance we currently provide span several of our programs. These currently include:

  • Training to be an agrarian mentor
  • Soil health planning
  • Business and marketing support for livestock producers
  • Applying compost on degraded rangeland
  • Compost and biochar production on ranch/farm
  • Land-based workshop development
  • Grant writing for land stewardship

We would like to find the places where our capacity and skills align with the needs of land stewards. If you need technical support not listed above, we’d love to learn more about what you need. If you complete the form below, we’ll put the right people at the organization in touch to see if we can help, or if we can connect you to the people or organization that can. 

Let us know what we can help with!

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