Contact Tarryn:

Tarryn at quiviracoalition dot org

Direct Line: 505-393-1254

Tarryn Dixon


New Agrarian Program Southwest Apprentice Coordinator


Tarryn made a twelve year career out of food and agricultural production. Raised the granddaughter of a cattle rancher and a grocery store manager, food and a love of the land have always held a place of importance.  Interest in preserving the environment and creating a healthier food future led her to become part of the New Agrarian program in 2018. The apprenticeship program helped Tarryn gain not only knowledge and skill, but a confidence to lead.  She feels strongly about what apprenticeship and land stewardship organizations like Quivira can offer others, and is invested in finding ways to help young agrarians achieve. At Quivira, Tarryn works with current and potential mentors, as well as apprentices and alumni of the New Agrarian Program, along with the Quivira staff and outside organizations to build relationships and ensure the educational quality of the program. She also works closely with the CRI and NM CEWL staff to find overlapping opportunities between the three programs.