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Sophie Strawn, APPRENTICE, Boot Ranch, WY

May 2021

Agriculture has always played a large role in my life. I come from a small rural town in northern California where I was constantly surrounded in agriculture, growing up encompassed by this lifestyle is what initially sparked my interest in agriculture and gave me an appreciation for the care and management of livestock as well as recognizing the importance of what my family has been doing for over one hundred years. Farmers and ranchers are the ultimate entrepreneurs: creating value out of the soil and the livestock. Creativity, risk, adaptability, and marketing are all terms regularly associated with entrepreneurs and also directly applicable to the Ag industry. Agriculture moves the world, the economy, and people! It feeds the world every day. A world starving for opportunity, jobs, incomes, fuel and energy. There are many challenges in the world of agriculture, but every day, we do our part to produce top quality well finished beef. My time at the Boot Ranch so far has been overwhelmingly positive! I hope to continue to gain more knowledge about cattle production in general, as well as the ins and outs of managing a successful and sustainable livestock operation. I would like to continue to develop my ability in stockmanship, horsemanship, mechanical understanding, hay production, soil carbon systems, as well as so many more. I hope to cultivate relationships with people who share the same drive and passion for our industry as I do. My time in Wyoming has been extremely rewarding, I am constantly faced with new challenges everyday and am so grateful to call myself a part of the Boot Ranch team. 

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