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Silas Bernardoni

Silas Bernardoni was raised on Roller Coaster Farm and lives with his 2 children and wife in rural WI. He studied Industrial and System Engineering and did his graduate research on the implementation of disruptive technology.  His off-farm job is being an engineer and business intelligence analyst, working with energy utilities across the country to implement energy efficiency programs.  After going to school and working abroad, Silas decided to return to Wisconsin to start a family and apply his professional skills by co-operating Roller Coaster Farm alongside his parents and two grown siblings.  Roller Coaster Farm is firmly committed to a holistic approach that utilizes Heritage breeds and management intensive rotational grazing, combining pre-industrial methodologies with modern technology, research, and a data driven approach to management.  

Silas joined The Livestock Conservancy Board of Directors in 2018. While not married to any specific breed (though he does have a soft spot for Salmon Faverolle chickens and donkeys), his focus has been to measure and improve the performance of heritage breeds to maintain their genetics as viable production animals that can compete economically with commercial breeds. In his spare time Silas serves as a firefighter and regional rescue technician with many certifications including ASAR (Animal Search And Rescue).

Plenary Panel

Heritage, Indigenous, and Unique Livestock Breeds