Resilience, Issue 41- It Works! A celebration of Bill Zeedyk’s 80th Year

August 2015

It is our great pleasure to bring you this 41st edition of Resilience. Not only is it a small token of our appreciation for the many ways that Bill Zeedyk has enriched our lives and work here at the Quivira Coalition; it is an honor to publish these original essays, each of which represents countless hours of fieldwork, documentation and analysis. We are especially pleased to present Bill’s in-depth summary of his pioneering restoration project at Hubbell Trading Post in eastern Arizona, where he tested early ideas for Induced Meandering—to great success! We are honored that Bill chose Resilience to debut this important analysis.

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Quivira's annual newsletter, Resilience, has served as a source for producer-driven rangeland science, a place for stories and reflections from our community, and resource on implementation of regenerative agriculture on arid lands. If you would like to submit an article or story for Resilienceplease email

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