​Alumni Guest Host! Natalie Berkman Interviews Susan Elder

New Agrarian Program (NAP) Alumna Natalie Berkman (Milton Ranch, 2020/2021) joined as a guest-host to interview Susan Elder (Charter Ranch, 2020/2021) for a conversation about their lives post-apprenticeship as managers of ranches in Montana and Kansas. The conversation highlights lessons learned from apprenticeship and challenges of the transition, with some good laughs sprinkled in about purple riding helmets and brie cheese.

Music attribution:
Wanderlust by Scott Buckley


0:50 Taylor is explaining why today’s episode is special and introducing Natalie Berkman, who is helping with this podcast episode and interviewing Susan Elder
2:48 Natalie and Susan introducing themselves
6:30 Both Susan and Natalie talk about what their jobs look like and challenges and learning opportunities they have come across
29:00 Susan and Natalie talk about their transitions to their new ranch jobs and new teams
40:16 The experience of going from “Sunshine and Rainbows” of apprenticeship to real full-time ranching
51:05 Which hard skills and soft skills have come in handy for your work?
1:01:02 Natalie and Susan’s advice for new apprentices
1:05:17 Thanks Natalie and Susan


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