Tues, Oct 30   |    Wed, Oct 31   |    Thur, Nov 1     |    Fri, Nov 2    |    Sat, Nov 3

Tuesday, October 30

Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network Annual Gathering

Mon Oct 29, 1 – 5:30pm and Tues Oct 30, 9am – 5pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    $100    |     Register

New Entry Sustainable Farming Project is excited to bring together the National Ag Apprenticeship Learning Network (AgALN) and share the progress their partners have made over the past year. New Entry will explore the challenges ahead and opportunities for expanded action, plus highlight efforts underway to strengthen support for Apprenticeship Training programs across the country. New Entry is building new connections to empower programs and farm and ranch mentors to improve their practical training skills and enhance next generation farmer outcomes. October 29 will be a half day with a farm tour in the afternoon and an evening networking opportunity with the AgALN group. October 30 will be a full day featuring engaging sessions from presenters across the country on topics related to ag apprenticeships. The $100 registration fee includes lunch on October 30. We are grateful for sponsorship from Owl Peak Farm for supporting registration fees for our incredible speakers. For more information, please visit New Entry Sustainable Farming Project’s website.

Telling the Story of Regenerative Agriculture

Tues Oct 30, 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    $25    |   SOLD OUT!

Do you want to help spread the word about regenerative agriculture? Share your ranching or farming story more effectively? Join Finian Makepeace of Kiss the Ground in this four-hour workshop designed to help both journalist and other media makers, as well as farmers and rancher, tell the story of regenerative agriculture. Finn wants to help get you off the sidelines and on to the court as a more confident advocate, presenter, writer, and organizer. The course will coach participants through crafting a story with impact, techniques for telling them, how to think about language and images, and much more. Journalists will get the opportunity to talk with participating ranchers and farmers, and producers will be given the opportunity to tell their stories. The workshop is about 50% content (interactive lecture style) and 50% exercises and small group/partner work. Please bring laptops if you have them.

Holistic Management Social

Tuesday Oct 30, 7 – 9pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    $10 advance / $12 door    |     Register Here

What better way to kick off the 2018 REGENERATE Conference than connecting and networking with the regenerative agriculture community at HMI’s Holistic Management Social? Enjoy non-alcoholic drinks and delicious hors d’oeuvres (included in ticket price) at this opening reception hosted by HMI. A cash bar will also be available. Meet HMI’s Board, Advisory Council, and Certified Educators as you enjoy the company of other conference attendees passionate about healthy food and land. This event is sponsored by the Dixon Water Foundation and the TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation.

Tues, Oct 30   |    Wed, Oct 31   |    Thur, Nov 1     |    Fri, Nov 2    |    Sat, Nov 3

Wednesday, October 31st Special Events

Snout to Tail Barbeque and Barn Dance

Wednesday Oct 31, 6 – 8:30pm

Old Town Farm    |    $35 advance / $40 door    |   SOLD OUT!

This year, we will join forces with the Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance for a very special evening celebrating local and grassfed meats. The evening will offer slow cooked beef, pork, and lamb, as well as classic barbecue sides made from local produce served in the country atmosphere of the Old Town Farm, just blocks away from this year’s venue! We will feature local beer on tap and live music in the barn. Proceeds from the event will go towards a new SWGLA rancher-led webinar series focused on supporting grassfed producers.

Wear your best Day of the Dead Costume!

Tues, Oct 30   |    Wed, Oct 31   |    Thur, Nov 1     |    Fri, Nov 2    |    Sat, Nov 3

Thursday, November 1st Special Events

Career Connection

Thurs Nov 1, 5:30 – 6:30pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    Free and open to the public!

Calling all beginner ranchers, farmers, and land managers seeking jobs or apprenticeships and prospective mentors and employers! Career Connection, an agricultural and environmental career fair, connects established producers and land managers with the next generation of land stewards who will grow our food and manage our working lands. Career Connection is hosted by the Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program, the Rio Grande Farmers Coalition, and the National Young Farmers Coalition. Prospective employers and mentors will include private ranches and farms, conservation groups, food advocacy organizations, government agencies, land-use service consultants, and related private-sector businesses. Job seekers will include a strong turnout of qualified, enthusiastic beginning ranchers, farmers, and land advocates in search of mentorship and opportunity. Prospective employers/mentors will be stationed at tables, where details about their business, apprenticeship, job announcement, and other relevant information will be available. Job seekers are encouraged to come prepared with resumes. Career Connection is free and open to all, and doesn’t require registration or attendance at the conference. Prospective employers/mentors must register for a free table space. For questions about Career Connection, please contact Monica Pless, the New Agrarian Program Director, at Join in the fun, make new connections, and find new opportunities!

Register as a Employer/Mentor

Sisters of the Soil

Thurs Nov 1, 7 – 8:30pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    $10 (free if attending REGENERATE)   |     Register Here

Soil functions as a vital living ecosystem that sustains plants, animals, and humans, but understanding how it does this, and the impact our practices and consumer choices have on its ability to absorb water, grow food, feed us, and sequester carbon can be more complicated to understand. Join us for a conversation about the connections between agriculture, conservation, soil health, and gut health. Panelists are Christine Su, Nicole Masters, and Betsy Ross. This powerhouse panel of experts will discuss their work in science, ranching, medicine, technology, conservation, and much more.

Tues, Oct 30   |    Wed, Oct 31   |    Thur, Nov 1     |    Fri, Nov 2    |    Sat, Nov 3

Friday, November 2nd Special Events

Holistic Management International Regenerative Grazing Workshop

Friday Nov 2, 9am – 4pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |    $50   |   SOLD OUT!

Whether you are an experienced grazier or new to regenerative grazing, this workshop will take you to the next level for your grazing goals. Learn from Holistic Management Certified Educators and regenerative graziers from around the world about grazing options to regenerate your landscape and improve your business profitability. The Regenerative Grazing Workshop will cover key grazing principles and practices through the lens of real case studies with regenerative graziers to answer questions about real-life challenges. Learn about how to integrate cover crops, multi-species grazing, wildlife, multi-use situations, and more to achieve your farm and ranch goals. This workshop will be experiential with opportunity to discuss key grazing management strategies with Certified Educators, master graziers, and other workshop participants. Register today to expand your grazing toolbox and network! This event is sponsored by the Thornburg Foundation. For more information, please visit the Holistic Management International website.

Regenerating Rangelands Workshop

Friday Nov 2, 11am – 4:30pm

Hotel Albuquerque    |     Free    |     SOLD OUT!

The United States has about 770 million acres of rangelands and over half of those lands are privately owned. During this two-part technical workshop, participants will learn how to regenerate rangelands from local experts who will address best practices for seeding rangelands with native species and monitoring soil health. Part One: Seeding Rangelands will provide participants with knowledge and resources on how to successfully seed rangelands with native species by addressing the challenges and factors to consider and providing recommendations and best practices. Part Two: Monitoring Soil Health will include a presentation by Patrick O’Neill on soil health and processes, with demonstrations on tools and resources for monitoring soil health in rangelands. Participants will have an hour and half to go get lunch from 1-2:30pm.

Tues, Oct 30   |    Wed, Oct 31   |    Thur, Nov 1     |    Fri, Nov 2    |    Sat, Nov 3

Saturday, November 3rd Special Events

Seed Literacy for Western Ranchers and Sustainable Farmers

Saturday Nov 3, 9am – 5pm

Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens at the Albuquerque Academy   |    $50

Uncertain tariffs, trade laws, commodity prices and weather extremes require western ranchers and arid-land farmers to up their game if they are to survive and prosper. In the search for new strategies, seeds are being rediscovered as one of the key components of any truly sustainable operation. Seeds are vital in many ways: not only do they comprise up to 60% of our (and our animals’) diets as the grains we eat, but wild seed varieties are also essential for restoring our range lands and providing cover for our pastures. Join Bill McDorman and Lee-Ann Hill of the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance for a day-long immersion into the modern seed world. You will learn where your seeds are actually grown and how you can find, test, source, grow, harvest, clean, store and even market the best seeds for your operation—that is, those best adapted to your particular environment. This engaging workshop will touch on the history, structure and growth of the modern seed industry, its extreme centralization, and the worldwide grassroots response offering new opportunities (especially for smaller and mid-sized operations). Learn everything from basic terminology to innovative new strategies to transition your operation with seed-focused and sustainable methods. The $50 registration fee includes lunch.