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Sponsoring the Regenerate Conference means you’re supporting the work of three dedicated organizations, dozens of dedicated beginning land stewards, diverse speakers from across the country, and a community committed to good food, agriculture, and land stewardship that support both people and planet. We’ve tried to make sponsorship easier this year! You can contact us directly, or you can pledge your support online by clicking the button below.

2020 Regenerate Sponsors

Community Level Sponsors

The Thornburg Foundation

The Thornburg Foundation identifies problems that have at least one identifiable root cause as well as a viable solution that promises enduring change. We expect our strategy to produce measurable results within 3-5 years. They have programs in Early Childhood Education, Food and Agriculture, and Good Government Reforms.


Economically, ecologically, and socially, our relationship to land and nature is a profound human touchstone. The #NoRegrets Initiative is a relationship-centered approach to land and asset management.

#NoRegrets Initiative began as a demonstration project: Globetrotter Foundation (philanthropy)Cienega Capital (lending) and Paicines Ranch (working landscapes) are our vision of what holistic engagement with land, people and money looks like.

We invite our community of allies to join us in this mission.

We want you to join us. We’re hoping you’re inspired enough to commit to having #NoRegrets and being a part of our community.

Paicines Ranch

The historic Paicines Ranch produces 100% free range grass fed beef and hosts a variety of events, including weddings, corporate events, and training classes. The unique facility consists of restored ranch buildings dating from the 1860’s to the present, including extensive horse facilities.

The ranch supports a wide variety of birds, plants, and animals as a result of its extensive grasslands and water features, including the Paicines Reservoir, the San Benito River, ponds, and cienegas.

Our intention is to preserve and enhance both the natural and man-made features of the ranch and make them accessible to visitors, while producing delicious pastured meats. Our pastures and row crop ground are all certified organic, and we manage the ranch using the principles of Holistic ManagementTM.

Regenerative Agriculture Foundation

The vision of the Regenerative Agriculture Foundation is a world in which the boundaries between the human and natural world are indistinguishable and the totality of human needs are produced in a way that regenerates the ecosystems in which we inhabit.

To accomplish this we support farmers and ranchers, the managers of the vast majority of the nation’s land surface, through research, education and advocacy.


Water Level Sponsors

Grasslans Charitable Foundation

To conserve wildlife through the study and management of the habitat and ecosystems on which they depend, Grasslans Charitable Foundation operates and maintains a biological field station in the “core area” of New Mexico that is habitat for the lesser prairie-chicken, a candidate species for listing under the endangered species act. Federal and State wildlife agency personnel as well as University and other researchers and volunteers use this field station to facilitate their work in the area on prairie-chickens and other species.

Animal Level Sponsors

11th Hour Project

Our team works at the nexus of energy, food & agriculture, and human rights. 

For us, growing beyond a linear economy based on extraction and waste towards a regenerative economy means advancing frameworks that value healthy ecosystems, active civic engagement, and social fairness.

We do this by looking through a systems lens, finding new opportunities for a healthier, more reciprocal relationship with the resources of our natural world.

Through our three program areas, EnergyFood & Agriculture and Human Rights, The 11th Hour Project addresses issues impacting the health of our planet by providing grants to qualified 501(c)3 organizations that align with our unique and connected strategic priorities.

Plant Level Sponsors

Taos Ski Valley Foundation


The Taos Ski Valley Foundation, the New Mexico affiliate of Louis Bacon’s Moore Charitable Foundation, supports conservation nonprofits that focus on protecting threatened landscapes, habitats, wildlife, and waterways. The Taos Ski Valley Foundation also supports educational and community programs in the region.



TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch Educational Foundation (TKREF) is located on TomKat Ranch, an eighteen hundred acre cattle ranch in Pescadero, California on the San Mateo Coast three miles inland from the Pacific ocean. A working cattle ranch, TomKat is also home to LeftCoast GrassFed®, producers of grass-fed, grass-finished pasture raised beef.

Their mission is to provide healthy food on working lands in a way that sustains the planet and inspires others to action. To serve as a learning laboratory for animal agriculture on working lands focusing on climate stability, nature’s benefits, healthy food, biodiversity, and vibrant community.

Nancy Ranney and

David Levi 

Seed Level Sponsors

Farm Credit of New Mexico

Farm Credit of New Mexico is a FCS Agricultural Credit Association that provides New Mexico’s farmers, ranchers, agricultural business, farm co-operatives and homeowners in rural communities with loans and banking services related to commercial and consumer needs.

Lydia B. Stokes Foundation

The Lydia B. Stokes Foundation is committed to the Quaker philosophy of peace and justice. The Foundation supports building resilient, healthy communities by focusing on social and economic justice, regenerative organic agriculture, viable, healthy ecosystems, quality of life issues, development of local food systems, local energy security and peace initiatives.


Lone Mountain Ranch

For over 100 years, Lone Mountain Ranch has been a symbol of the American West. They had a seat at the table for the early days of Yellowstone Park, the formation of the town of Big Sky, the evolution of ranching and logging in the Northern Rockies and the preservation of that spectacular wilderness. Ever since they homesteaded in 1915, the story has had one consistent thread: warm and welcoming hospitality to all. Take a walk back through time to get a sense of the Real Montana you’ll find when you get there.



Fort Union Ranch

Soil Level Sponsors



Aspen Business 



Molly Baldrige


Camas Davis


Douglas Dockter


Marty French


Hannah Gosnell


Bryan Hummel


Jan-Willem Jansens


David LeFevre


Thomas Mattila


Vallerie Smith


Stacey Sullivan


Cynthia Villa


Mary Chambers


Lucas Chavez


Nancy Deren


Paul McHorse


Paul Neubauer

P/N Ranch


Lucas Chavez


Sarah Pennington


Tony Prendergast


Kent Reid

P/N Ranch


Monica Rocchino 

The Local Butcher Shop


Jileen Russell


Valerie Small


Aaron Young

P/N Ranch





Deborah Clark

Nina Halty


Wayne Knight


Gary Marshall


Cliff Montagne

Mark Schwartz


Imogen Semmler


Media Sponsors

Special Thanks to The Outside!

A collaborative facilitation group, The Outside, has been essential in helping us create an interactive and engaging conference. In their words, “We help collaborators and problem-solvers get unstuck with unforgettably pivotal events, capacity-building, and strategy that sparks significant change and moves toward equity.” Thanks to The Outside Team for all your help shaping Regenerate 2020.