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About the HERD fellowship

We recognize the critical need to support the next generation of regenerative agricultural producers and land stewards.

The Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and the American Grassfed Association support young people committed to life at the nexus of tradition and innovation, food and land, economy and community. We believe good agriculture is rooted in holistic thinking and a lifelong commitment to learning and teaching. The HERD Fellowship provides scholarships for beginning farmers, ranchers, conservationists and others in related fields to attend the REGENERATE Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

This fellowship program is both inspired by and an extension of the HERD Fellows program started at the Grassfed Exchange. The HERD, a group of foundations and family offices whose shared mission is to accelerate the transition to a regenerative agriculture system, initiated this program with the goal of continuing education and connection for beginning ranchers and farmers from diverse communities. Chair of The Grassfed Exchange, Dr. Jason Rowntree of Michigan State University, says, “The HERD Fellows has become one of the most exciting aspects of the Grassfed Exchange. On the surface, they come to learn from others, but their presence inspires all who attend. These folks are agriculture’s future, and they give me much hope. We are so grateful to the sponsors whose vision and commitment enable this program to happen.”

We are pleased to offer the HERD Fellowship Program again this year!

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Why Should I Apply?

The HERD Fellows Experience

The HERD Fellowship provides scholarships for beginning farmers and ranchers, conservationists and others in related fields to attend the 2019 REGENERATE Conference, with the goal to connect scholarship recipients with peers and mentors at the event, as well as support their pursuit of lives in agriculture beyond the event.

Attending the REGENERATE Conference provides fellows with the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field, to build relationships with peers and mentors, to find support for their work, and to bring a fresh perspective on the future of agriculture. Further, in an effort to build our movement and create important synergy between the Grassfed Exchange and REGENERATE, a network of all new and previous HERD Fellow cohorts will be established to bring alumni together to network, build community, and form lasting relationships.


Take a look at quotes from our 2018 HERD Fellows cohort about their experience

“I really enjoyed how diverse the group of Herd fellows was.”

“This conference opened my eyes to the incredible ways that conservationists and ranchers are collaborating.”

“The most valuable part was getting outside my “bubble” and realizing that this is bigger than just myself and what I do. I realized that there is a place to connect with the rest of the world of conservation and regenerative agriculture. The future of regeneration is endless and I am excited to jump in and see what will happen.”

“This conference gave me insight on how the world of ag is changing… 2018 Regenerate has made me aware of many amazing organizations that are involved in building a better world… Going forward I will use these techniques on my own operation and promote them to the producers I work with. I now have multiple resources and success stories to back up how the regenerative agriculture process works.”

“This program shows investment in the future… Being able to bring in more women, queer people, people of color, native people, poor people into these spaces is so crucial for the literal survival of all of us.”

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How to Apply

Are you a beginning farmer, rancher or conservationist interested in applying to the HERD Fellowship?

The 2019 HERD Fellowship will award 12 full scholarships (covers conference registration fee, and travel and lodging expenses) and 25 tuition-only scholarships (covers conference registration fee) to beginning farmers and ranchers, conservationists and others in related fields to attend the REGENERATE Conference. These scholarships will be prioritized to support individuals who come from historically underrepresented or economically low-resource communities and other marginalized identities in agriculture. We are specifically encouraging the application of Tribal, Hispanic/Latinx, Black/African American, and Asian/Pacific Islander beginning ranchers, farmers, and conservationists. However, qualified applicants from any background with a strong application will also be considered.

Our scholarship process has been developed with diversity and inclusion in mind, with a diverse team of reviewers, and acceptance of applications by phone, in person, or via the electronic application below. The award process will prioritize applicants from communities and backgrounds historically underrepresented at this event, but will not exclude qualified candidates from any background with a strong application. Applicants will be evaluated on a number of attributes, including: Is ranching, farming, or conservation their primary occupation? Have they been pursuing their ranching, farming, or conservation career for less than 10 years? Do they come from a community historically underrepresented at this or similar conferences? How far have they come in their journey to reach this point?

Our goal is to award seventy percent of the scholarships to individuals who come from historically underrepresented communities and who are beginning ranchers or farmers. The remaining thirty percent of the scholarships will be awarded based on need and commitment to a career in agriculture or conservation.


Who can apply?

The fellowship targets young and beginning ranchers, farmers, conservationists and others in related fields. Please apply if you are a:

  • Beginning rancher, farmer or conservationist that is within their first 10 years of their career and is 35 years old or younger
  • Student pursuing a degree in agriculture, conservation, or a related field


How can I submit an application?

We know responding in written form to a series of essay questions is not for everyone, nor does it mean you are any more or less qualified to be a stellar land steward. We are open to accepting your application in a number of ways:

  • Complete the electronic application below
  • Complete a interview over the phone by calling us at 505-820-2544 (ask to speak with Arielle or Sarah)
  • Come to our office for an interview in person (call us at the number above to schedule a meeting)

You may also refer a friend, apprentice, intern, or employee by emailing arielle@quiviracoalition.org with the subject line “HERD Fellow Recommendation”. in the body of the email include the name, email, phone number and one or two sentences why this person would be a good fellow. We will call them to talk about the scholarship.

Applications must be submitted by 11 pm MT on Sunday, September 22. Applicants will be notified no later than October 1 about the status of their applications.


What if I don’t receive an award or I’m looking for a reduced conference registration rate?

If you don’t receive an award through the HERD Fellowship, don’t worry! We will offer you a reduced beginning agrarian/conservationist/student rate to our conference.

We also offer the reduced beginning agrarian/conservationist/student rate to those who are seeking a non-competitive route. In other words, if you demonstrate you need it, we’ll give you a discount; you won’t be evaluated against anyone else. If you would like to get a discounted rate to attend the conference, email arielle@quiviracoalition.org with the subject line, “Beginning Agrarian/Conservationist/Student Rate for Regenerate Conference”. We’ll send you an email with more information.

About    |    Why Apply    |    How to Apply    |    Apply

2019 REGENERATE HERD Fellowship Application

Before you begin, you are strongly encouraged to complete your short essay responses in a Word or Google doc; our online application will not allow you to save your responses. You can then cut and paste your responses into the online application. You will receive a copy of the completed application via email after you click submit.

Applications must be submitted by 11 pm MT on Sunday, September 22. Applicants will be notified no later than October 1 about the status of their applications.

The application period for the 2019 REGENERATE HERD Fellowship Program has closed. Applications are being reviewed and award notices will be sent out to all applicants by October 1. Contact Arielle Quintana (arielle@quiviracoalition.org) if you have any questions.