Field Days

From September 17 to October 27 we will be hosting in-person field days throughout the Intermountain West and beyond.


Quivira, Holistic Management International, and the American Grassfed Association are excited to collaborate with farmers and ranches across the US as they open up their operations to share best practices, technical services, market and value chain roles, and current research regarding their sites’ holistic management and operation practices. 

For our 2021 gathering, we are excited to bring people together in connective, collaborative and nourishing ways as we re-emerge into the world and place our focus on topics related to the theme of Weaving Water, Land, and People. You can expect complex conversations that help us all move more deeply into paradigms of regeneration and racial equity. It has been a very hard year and a half, and from our struggles we rise, we gather, and we plant the seeds of regeneration, racial justice, and reciprocity. 

You can register for a field day as a stand alone event or as part of your Regenerate 2021 admission package. Early bird rates end September 15th! Field day registration closes one week from the respective field day. If cost is prohibitive to your attendance, we are reserving some scholarships for each field day. Send Lynne an email if you are interested,

*Each operation will be determining their COVID-19 safety policy, check with each coordinator listed on this page if you have specific questions.

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CHISPAS Farm: Small Land, Big Possibilities: Holistic Management Practices for Urban Land Managers

Albuquerque, NM | Tuesday, Oct 12th

TIME: 9:30am-4pm MT |  CAPACITY: 35


Tour Chispas Farm in the fertile Rio Grande River Valley in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Meet owner, Casey Holland and see how she has used regenerative and holistic management practices to create a successful and scalable urban farm business. Hear presentations from various local urban farming projects and non-profits and learn how regenerative agriculture and drought mitigation practices are being implemented for smaller urban acreage. Melanie Kirby of Zia Queen Bees will present on the importance of pollinators and pollinator habitat restoration.  Kirk Gadzia, an experienced Rangeland Manager and Holistic Management Certified Educator, will speak on Holistic Goal Setting, perennial and annual crop planning, and pasture management. We will enjoy a delicious lunch featuring produce from local farms! 


Chispas Farm is a 4 acre farm located in Albuquerque’s South Valley on occupied Tiwa land. They grow over 120 varieties of heirloom vegetables and fruits, have 100 laying hens for eggs, and also keep sheep, goats, and ducks. They are transitioning the farm to no-till agricultural practices and strive for a regenerative and sustainable closed loop cycle. They save a variety of seeds, have perennial pasture for their livestock to graze and be happy. Their primary method of pest management is adequate crop rotation and planting lots of flowers for beneficial insects. Soil health is their number one priority. Founded in 2001, Chispas has grown and evolved much over the last two decades. Casey Holland is the current Head Farmer and has been running Chispas since 2017. 

COVID-19 Policy: Facemasks are to be worn in all indoor and outdoor spaces on Chispas Farm. Of note, the format and/or requirements for event attendance may change in light of shifting CDC and state public health guidelines. HMI will make every effort to communicate these changes in a timely fashion.

Questions about our Chispas Field Day? Contact Steph Marie Von Ancken,

The Regen Ranch: healthY SOIL, Healthy Livestock, Healthy People

Friday, OCT 15th | Oakwood, TX

TIME: 9am-4pm CT | CAPACITY: 75



This workshop will focus on the crucial connection between soil health and human health. Visit woman-owned and operated The Regen Ranch and see how Christine Martin uses Holistic Management practices to manage her land for increased soil health and productivity. Learn how healthy soil leads to healthy livestock, more nutrient-dense foods, and healthy people!

Hear Dr. Fred Provenza and Stephan van Vliet speak on the nutritional value of grass-fed meat vs. grain-fed. Wayne Knight will speak about holistic grazing management and monitoring practices that build healthy soil and create long-term benefits for the land and the people managing it. Betsy Ross and Brandon Bing will discuss pasture soil health. Doctor and rancher, Dr. Arland Hill will present on ranching for high nutrient density.

We’ll spend the morning outside and explore the land seeing firsthand how Christine’s management decisions have resulted in increased organic matter in the soil, healthier animals, and more nutrient-dense meats along with speakers Betsy Ross and Brandon Bing. We’ll then enjoy a lunch featuring meats and vegetables from The Regen Ranch and neighboring farms. Afternoon presentations with Dr. Arland Hill, Fred Provenza, and Stephan van Vliet will be held indoors.



Christine Martin is passionate about being able to offer the cleanest and most nutrient dense meats and eggs to her customers, as she has experienced personal healing from health issues by changing the food she ate. Christine has been using Holistic Management principles and practices and selling direct to consumers since 2016. She moved onto the ranch during March 2020, just as the Covid-19 Pandemic started and settled her cattle, sheep and poultry onto the new property. Due to the food shortages caused by the pandemic, many customers have realized that they have more local and healthier options to source their food, so she’s been working to increase her production to meet the unexpected demand for clean meats and eggs.

Questions about The Regen Ranch Field Day? Contact Steph Marie Von Ancken,

Rainshadow Organics: Vertically integrated farm-to-table cuisine focused on soil health, diversity, and conservation management

Wednesday, Oct 20th Sisters, OR

TIME 9am-3pm PT | CAPacity: 50

Field day registration closes one week from the respective field day.



Rainshadow Organics is a full-diet farm located in Sisters in Central Oregon. Not only do they grow beautiful produce, grains, and meat, they do it regeneratively and with a deep appreciation for cooking beautiful food. Rainshadow also offers a farm store and hosts curated long table dinners and brunches throughout the year. They also offer a full-diet CSA to the Sisters and Bend communities and have a stand at the farmer’s market. In this field day, we will learn from some of the people and systems they have created to be able to provide delicious omnivore offerings in Central Oregon’s short and harsh growing season.

We will have several presenters throughout the day, with the tour facilitated by farm co-owner Sarahlee Lawrence. Jackie Esleman of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management, Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV) Program Director will discuss and demonstrate the monitoring and measuring of soil fertility at Rainshadow Organics. Natasha Bellis with the Deschutes Land Trust (DLT) will discuss the partnership that DLT has built with Rainshadow Organics to create conservation easements at the property and how that can apply to other operations. Soil fertility guru and farm intern, Adam Lavender, will talk about what he’s done to build up soil fertility at the farm with compost tea and other closed circle inputs. And to round out the day, field day guests will have the pleasure of enjoying a special 3-course meal prepared in-house by the farm chef utilizing Rainshadow’s seasonal harvest. We will be in a ventilated and partially enclosed porch for the meal and some other parts of the day.



Rainshadow Organics is a full-diet farm with dozens of varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, pork, chicken, eggs, turkey, beef, and grains on 200 acres. The farm has been family owned and operated since the early 1970’s. Sarahlee Lawrence grew up on the land and started Rainshadow in 2010.

Their soil fertility is built with on-site composted manure.  They also employ their chickens and an army of worms who supply castings for worm tea that they inject into their irrigation system.  Rainshadow fosters an intricate ecosystem with companion planting, nutrient cycles, flowers, bees, riparian areas, crop rotation, and undisturbed native desert.  They pride themselves on looping our nutrients and resources into our community and back to our land.

Register for the field day as a stand alone event or along with the rest of the Regenerate conference.

Questions about our Rainshadow Organics Field Day? Contact Lynne Whitbeck,

Ogallala Field Day: Shifting Production Practices for Effective Water Utilization & Aquifer Recharge

Wednesday, Oct 27th CTHereford, TX

TIME 9am-5pm | CAPacity: TBA



Water is life! Come and discover different approaches innovative farmers are using to enhance rainfall usage on the Texas Panhandle. Each farmer’s unique approach uses the same principles to increase the water infiltration and holding capacity of their soils. Hear from Chris Grotegut, Dr. Richard Teague, Dr. Pancho Abello, RN Hopper and Wayne Knight as they present and discuss management practices for sustainable water usage and aquifer recharge in the Ogallala Aquifer Region.  The morning presentation event will be held at the Hereford Civic Centre, followed by an afternoon outing to Dr. Grotegut’s property. This program is in collaboration with NCAT and the Texas A&M Agrilife and is funded by the Tecovas Foundation & the Dixon Water Foundation.



Chris Grotegut, DVM, is a farmer, rancher, and practicing veterinarian in Deaf Smith County, Texas. He believes thinking of the Ogallala aquifer as a non-renewable resource ensures it will be pumped dry. Instead, farmers and society should look at the Ogallala Aquifer as rechargeable captured water. The Grotegut family has moved toward more efficient use of water, labor and equipment in their farming by transitioning much of their land toward native grass species and protecting playas.

Questions about our Ogallala Aquifer Field Day? Contact Steph Marie Von Ancken,

If you have general questions about your registration or about individual field days, please contact one of our event coordinators below:

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White Oak Pastures

White Oak Pastures: Radically Traditional Farming

Bluffton, GA  |  Friday, Sept 17th

10am-4pm EST  | TOUR Capacity : 75



The folks at White Oak Pastures in Bluffton, GA are fiercely proud of what they do, and enjoy sharing details about their traditions and values with others.

Join 5th generation family member, Jenni Harris, and WOP staff for a learning day centered around cattle production, order fulfillment, customer service, meat processing, and everything in-between that comes with managing almost 5,000 acres of land, in a radically traditional way.


White Oak Pastures (WOP) is Radically Traditional Farming. To operate their vertically integrated, zero-waste model, it takes 155+ caring people working together to accomplish a common goal: taking care of our land and our livestock. With an on-site red meat and poultry processing facility, they butcher meat from animals raised in a regenerative manner using humane animal management practices. They raise 10 species of livestock and market the beef, lamb, poultry, rabbits, eggs, vegetables, leather products, tallow goods, and pet chews directly to consumers who appreciate their artisan, small-batch products.

Questions about the White Oak Pastures Field Day? Contact Carrie Balkcom,

Tomkat Ranch

Tomkat Ranch: A Day at the ranch

Pescadero, CA |  Tuesday, Sept 21st

TIME TBD PST | TOUR Capacity : 75



TomKat Ranch is bringing people together for meaningful conversations that catalyze the transition to a regenerative agriculture system. They will provide a welcoming and inspiring tour with multiple speakers from the TK Ranch team, along with guest presenters Chelsea Carey, Soil Ecologist at Point Blue Conservation Science and Veronica Mazariegos-Anastassiou, Farmer/Operator with Brisa Ranch. This tour is sure to inspire guests to help grow a regenerative food system.


ABOUT TomKat Ranch

TomKat Ranch focuses on holistic solutions that improve soil health, climate stability, water quality and availability, animal welfare, human health, economic prosperity, and biodiversity. TomKat is an 1,800 acre grassfed cattle ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area. Their team of ranchers, scientists, and advocates look to nature to guide their landscape management in support of their values. Over the next five years, Tomkat wants to have inspired the transition of one million acres of California rangeland to regenerative management.

Questions about our TomKat Ranch Field Day? Contact Sarah Wentzel-Fisher,

Mannix Ranch

MANNIX RANCH: Partnerships in Ranching and Land Stewardship

Helmville, MT |  Thursday, Sept 23rd

TIME 10am-4pm MT | TOUR Capacity : 70

Field day registration closes one week from the respective field day.


The Mannix Ranch is a fifth generation family cattle ranch in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley. They will be sharing their journey in ranching and land stewardship; including work with crucial partners, business succession planning, and trying to keep more people on the land and in rural communities. Come join them and several of their partners, including the Blackfoot Challenge and Ole’ Salt, to discuss topics such as drought resilience and the agricultural chain of production. Working with other groups that share similar land values has made stewarding their land possible, and they would love to share their experiences.


Since the establishment of the Mannix ranch in 1882, the Mannix family has called this ranch in the Blackfoot valley home. But rather than the true “owners” of this land, they consider themselves the stewards of the soil, streams, grass, timber, and wildlife that belong to this ecosystem. The land is the lifeblood of their community, and they strive to be worthy caretakers of those resources that fall under our management.

Drawing on the agricultural tradition of the past, Mannix Ranch strives to continually improve their stewardship methods for today. Managing land and livestock together in such a way that both animal and ecosystem flourish will continue to provide a healthy ecosystem supporting diverse wildlife, a good living for their family, good food for their customers, and contribute to the long term health of the community.

Questions about our Mannix Ranch Field Day? Contact Erica Mannix, 

Lazy M Ranch: Connecting Healthy Range TO healthy livestock with Holistic Grazing

Angel Fire, NM  | Friday, Sept 24th    

TIME 9am-4pm MT   CAPACITY: 75


This field tour will be geared towards Holistic Grazing planning, goals, and practices connecting healthy range to healthy livestock. We will have HMI educators share more about goal setting, financial planning, and small acreage grazing as well and learn more about the Ranching to Schools Program in Taos, connecting the school lunch system to grass fed beef producers in the area.


In 2013 Shawn Howard was ready for a change. He had worked in the construction industry for 17 years, but when the construction company he had been working for left town, he needed a project—and this was the beginning of his 230–acre ranch in nearby Angel Fire, New Mexico. His ultimate goal was to watch things grow back after the ground had been hammered by cattle, elk, prairie dogs, and land that had been partially developed for a failed sub-division. During the first six years of this regenerative agriculture experiment, Shawn was able to see some great forage production improvement that makes him continue to explore how he can improve ecosystem function on the Lazy M Ranch. In 2016, Shawn reached out to HMI for some help in developing a grazing strategy for the 2016 growing season with a long-term focus on:

  1. Regenerating bare ground and the perennial creek
  2. Bringing back the native grasses
  3. Increasing the productivity of the land

Shawn is committed to experimenting with regenerative techniques and learning what works and what doesn’t in his arid environment. 

Questions about our Lazy M Ranch Field Day? Contact Steph Marie Von Ancken,