Conference FAQs

IF YOU have any questions or NEED ASSISTANCE WITH ANYTHING conference-related, CALL US at 505-820-2544 or email us at


We’ve also put together a list of frequently asked questions about this year’s conference for your consultation!


1.What will the hybrid REGENERATE Conference look like?

REGENERATE will have opportunities for in-person as well as virtual engagement. Field Days will be in-person, workshops during the week of Oct. 24 will be virtual, and the two-day conference in November will be in-person as well as live streamed. 


2. Can I attend individual parts of the conference, or do I have to register for the entire thing?

This year’s conference is more a la carte. You can register for individual field days, the week of virtual workshops, or the conference in November individually, mix and match what sessions you register for, or attend the whole thing.

Check out this video, which walks you through registering for this year’s REGENERATE.

3. I’ve never used Zoom before, how do I start?

When you click on the link to any Zoom meeting, this video conferencing platform will open on your computer, tablet, or phone automatically.

If you are on a computer or tablet, you will then have the option to join by computer audio or by phone (you can use your phone for sound and your PC for visuals, if you like). If you are on a smartphone, you will be automatically connected with both audio and visual.

If you don’t have reliable internet access, you can use the provided call-in numbers and participate by telephone audio, alone.


4. I have need for special accommodations, like a translator or closed captioning. Can I still attend the conference?

Please make your request in the “Special Accommodations” section of the registration form or email us at We cannot promise to make every accommodation, but we will work to make this conference as accessible as possible. If we cannot make an accommodation that you need to attend, we will issue a full refund. 


5. I can’t make it to all the sessions. Will recordings be available?

Recordings of all virtual workshops and the plenaries at the in-person conference will be available to all attendees after the conference. That way, even if you have to miss some sessions, you can watch or listen to them at your convenience. 


6. What precautions is REGENERATE taking to ensure the in-person elements of the conference are safe in light of COVID-19?

In-person attendees are required to wear a mask while indoors, regardless of vaccination status, and are requested to socially engage from a physical distance during the conference whenever possible. Food and drink will be served outside, so masks should remain over attendees’ nose and mouth while indoors during the conference.

If COVID-19 regulations loosen by November, we will look into relaxing our event guidelines accordingly and communicate with attendees as soon as possible. If we have to cancel in person events due to weather or stricter COVID-19 protocols, we will switch to a virtual conference no later than October 20 and issue refunds accordingly. 

If COVID-19 regulations loosen by November, we will look into relaxing our event guidelines accordingly and communicate with registrants as soon as possible.

If you have any concerns about REGENERATE’s COVID-19 safety protocol, please reach out to us at


7. What happens if the conference gets canceled due to COVID-19 or any other reason? 

If any element of REGENERATE is cancelled due to COVID-19, weather, or some other reason, the conference partners will notify registrants as quickly as possible. Refunds will be arranged as appropriate given the circumstances of a cancellation.