Virtual Conference FAQs

We know REGENERATE might be your first experience with a virtual conference, so we’ve put together a short list of frequently asked questions to help you understand what might be some advantages to this year’s event, and what you can anticipate about participating. Just think, you can join us from the comfort of your favorite recliner or the kitchen table, and no one will know if you haven’t put on your clean boots and jeans. We apologize that you’ll have to get up and make your own coffee! If you have a question not answered here, please send them to us at





If you are an attendee, login for full access to session links, speaker contacts and slideshows. Non-attendees can also access some great features such as the Career Connection, event info, and exhibitors.

As they’ve been in year’s past, we’ve decided to make this year’s keynote talks and film screenings open to everyone. See the schedule as we get closer for links to attend.


1.What will the virtual REGENERATE Conference look like?

REGENERATE attendees will receive login information from CrowdCompass for our Virtual Event Center (the email subject line will read “Virtual Event Center for Regenerate 2020!”).

The Virtual Event Center will:

  • Clearly display the conference agenda, with Zoom links to plenary sessions, workshops, and roundtables 
  • Link you to our virtual conference exhibitors hall
  • Provide you with ways to message and chat with other attendees 
  • List information about speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors
  • Connect you with a suite of other fun opportunities and resources, such as articles and videos! 

Conference updates and new information will be sent to your email address and also posted to the Virtual Event Center.

2. I’ve never used Zoom before, how do I start?

When you click on the link to any Zoom meeting within the Virtual Event Center, this video conferencing platform will open on your computer, tablet, or phone automatically.

If you are on a computer or tablet, you will then have the option to join by computer audio or by phone (you can use your phone for sound and your PC for visuals, if you like). If you are on a smartphone, you will be automatically connected with both audio and visual.

If you don’t have reliable internet access, you can use the provided call-in numbers and participate by telephone audio, alone. If you have some internet access, you can also log onto slideshow presentations at the Virtual Event Center and click through them as you hear presenters refer to slide numbers. You can also download the slides ahead of time.

(See Question 7, below, for information on our preconference, intro to the technology sessions, which are open to all.)

3. Will closed captioning be available?

We can make closed captioning available upon request!  Please make you request in the “Special Accommodations” section of the registration form or email us at

4. Do you provide translators?

We can provide translators upon request! Please make your request in the “Special Accommodations” section of the registration form or email us at

5. The conference used to be a few days, now it’s a few weeks. Why is it so long?

We recognize that many people find it is tiring to be on a computer or telephone for extended periods of time. We have made the virtual conference more manageable for everyone by breaking it up into smaller daily sessions (less than two hours each) and extending it over the four-week period from October 26 through November 20.

6. I can’t make it to all the sessions. Will recordings be available?

Yes! Recordings of all plenary presentations and slideshows, all roundtables, and some workshops will be available to all attendees, posted to the virtual event center within a few days following each event. That way, even if you have to miss some sessions, you can watch or listen to them at your convenience. These same recordings will be made available to the general public in early 2021.

7. This is all very new, is there any support for folks who may not feel confident with the technology?

You bet! We’ll be hosting some pre-conference sessions on using our Virtual Event Center and Zoom, so that all of us will feel comfortable and ready to engage when it’s conference time. Please check your email inbox for updates on that!