Events happening October 26th through November 20th

Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

The Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and the American Grassfed Association collaborate each year to convene ranchers, farmers, conservationists, land managers, scientists, medical professionals, nutritionists, students, educators, and others to share knowledge, build community, and create a culture of resilience and regeneration. This year, in response to impacts from the Coronavirus pandemic and the call for meaningful action towards racial justice, we will host an online, month-long series of plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and practical workshops—October 26 through November 20—to collectively imagine and define a path for Resilience in Times of Uncertainty.

In January 2020, the world fundamentally changed, and we all now navigate our lives knowing that the food, agriculture, and healthcare systems we previously engaged in do not have the flexibility to bounce back from rapid and dramatic shifts. We recognize the challenges this presents for food production and land stewardship. For some farmers and ranchers, these shifts have flooded direct-to-consumer markets. For others, paths to selling what they produce evaporated overnight. Some can’t hire the labor they need, while others have had to lay off long-time and valued employees in order to stay afloat. Some have more time to focus on building soil and monitoring ecological change, while others can no longer afford the best laid plans for transition to regenerative methods.

While many would like to think we will return to some state that existed before 2020, we believe that we have entered a changed world where we must rise to the challenge of planning and acting for resilience. This is the focus of 2020 REGENERATE.

This year, we will adapt many key elements of previous years’ conferences to a virtual space in order to support the health and safety of everyone participating. In addition to the information exchange, networking, and inspiration this event has provided in the past, we invite you, as a member of the REGENERATE community, to increase capacity and strengthen relationships for resilience in agriculture and land stewardship.

Many of us inherently understand that changes to our planet’s systems and climate are inextricably connected to how we experience the world as humans—socially, economically, environmentally, and politically. Yet changing how we think and act as ecological collaborators involves challenging and intentional work, and may not come easily. What happens when we work together with others who don’t think or behave in the same ways we do? How does collaboration fundamentally shift the way we do things? How do we set intentions, individually and collectively, about the world we want to live in? How do we practice adaptability and learn to plan for the unpredictable?

REGENERATE 2020 will explore these questions, thought processes, and solutions, offering a diversity of virtual events, an abundance of accessible information, and ample opportunity for conversations to regenerate mind, body, soil, and spirit.

Join us at REGENERATE 2020

This virtual collaborative conference will bring together leaders, innovators, and stewards of the land for a full month of provocative panel plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking with diverse attendees from across the southwest, the country, and globe. The conference will create a unique environment where ideas are sown, exchanged, and grown. REGENERATE’s outstanding speakers and attendees will contribute expertise in ranching, farming, conservation, community, and all things soil. Every attendee will bring something unique to the table, and each will depart with inspiration, new connections, broader perspectives, and the tools necessary to effect change.

About the partners

Holistic Management International

Holistic Management International is an environmental and educational non-profit that helps communities grow and thrive by educating family farmers and ranchers and pastoralists in regenerative agricultural practices that empower them to strengthen their businesses, produce healthier food, improve local wildlife habitats and protect the environment.

American Grassfed

The American Grassfed Association is a national multi-species organization dedicated to protecting and promoting grassfed producers and grassfed products through national communication, education, research and marketing efforts.


The Quivira Coalition fosters resilience on arid working lands. To create a culture of land stewardship that integrates ecological, economic, and social health, we work in coalition with ranchers and farmers, landowners and managers, public agencies, conservationists, students and educators, and the general public. Quivira believes this culture is rooted in three areas of practice: education, innovation, and collaboration

What to expect at the 2020 Conference

Plenaries and Roundtables

We will be holding Plenary Panels that will be two hours long, with a roundtable discussions as part of each so that participants can engage with panelists along the way. Conference attendees can view the panel live or in the days following on their own schedule. The six topics are:


  • Regenerative Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change
  • Creative Marketing for Expanding Regenerative Agriculture Sales
  • Collaborative Land Restoration for Resilience
  • Community Resilience in Agriculture During Uncertain Times
  • Decolonizing Regenerative Agriculture
  • Activating Where You Are: Community Engagement in Rural Spaces


We’ve got many so workshops to choose from this year! Don’t miss out on these learning experiences from groups like HMI, ReGen Network, Southwest Grassfed Livestock Alliance, and Young Agrarians…to name just a few! Head over to the Workshops page for a full listing. And register soon, spaces are limited.

Film screenings and Keynotes will be open to all at no cost. To participate, go to the Schedule page where each will be linked.


We are thrilled to have several keynotes this year. We will be hearing from:

Author, Social Activist, Physicist – Vandana Shiva

Co-founder of the Family Farm Action Alliance, Former Lieutenant Governor of the state of Missouri, and Farmer- Joe Maxwell

More to be announced soon!

Film Screenings

We are excited to take advantage of the virtual nature of our conference this year and have film screenings as part of our conference experience. As part of admission, attendees will be able to watch the following films:

More about Regenerate 


Hear from experts. Make lasting connections. Take home new skills and ideas. Begin partnerships for change. REGENERATE is a hub for individuals and groups coming together around the concepts of fostering ecological, economic, and social health through education, innovation, collaboration, and progressive land stewardship. Learn more about our diverse group of speakers who will lead extraordinary virtual plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, and intensive workshops.

Come together

REGENERATE brings together a broad community, as diverse as the lands that it manages. In past years, our attendees have come from across the Southwest, the rest of the US, Canada, and Mexico, and from countries as far away as France, Kenya, and Australia, bringing with them their expertise as farmers and ranchers, scientists, agencies, land stewards, and innovators in managing healthy land, producing healthy food, and fostering healthy communities. Whether you are a young farmer preparing to dig your hands into the soil for the first time or a professional interested in new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, our conference has something for you. This year, the reach can extend even more globally, as travel won’t be a restriction.

Video recordings of the plenary sessions will be available to conference attendees, so you can watch on your own schedule.


REGENERATE will offer virtual cross-sector panel plenary discussions, interactive workshops, and in-depth roundtable sessions on everything from community resilience in agriculture during uncertain times to creative marketing for expanding regenerative agriculture sales to race equity in agriculture to collaborative land restoration for resilience to activism in rural spaces. Learn more about our workshop offerings this year!


We offer great rates for members from all three organizations!

REGENERATE Registration Packages:

  • Full Conference = Plenaries, Roundtables, Keynotes, Workshops
  • Basic Conference = Plenaries, Roundtables, Keynotes (workshops can be added at an additional cost)

We also offer discounted rates for beginning agrarians, land stewards, and students, in addition to a number of scholarship opportunities through the HERD Fellowship Program. Complete the Beginning Agrarian, Land Steward, and Student Inquiry Form to receive the discounted rate. Click here for more information about scholarships.

We are working to make the conference accessible to everyone! If the cost is prohibitive to your attendance, and you do not qualify for the above discounts and scholarships, please reach out to us at and we will work with you and your budget.


Registration Packages Beginning Agrarian, Land Steward, Student AGA, HMI, or Quivira Member Regular Non-Member (after Oct 6)
Conference $60 $100 $175