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Resilience in Times of Uncertainty

The Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and American Grassfed Association will collaborate again to organize 2020 REGENERATE, Resilience in Times of Uncertainty, which will bring us together at this challenging time to collectively chart a path forward for our working lands and food systems.

Because of the major transformations to our world brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, we will present 2020 REGENERATE as a virtual event, relying on our world’s growing confidence and comfort with Zoom and other online formats. We appreciate the patience you have had while we made this difficult decision and your continued patience as we design and implement a new kind of conference.

We recognize that many people love and attend REGENERATE because it inspires and motivates them while providing an opportunity to connect with new and old friends. We are recreating the conference with these aspects at the forefront of our thinking. We fully intend for the conference to be meaningful and impactful for everyone who attends, and we plan to stay true to the community and culture that we have created together in past years. 

We also realize that a virtual conference cannot fully replicate the in-person experience. There is only so much time a person can spend in front of a computer screen or on the phone. For this reason, we are changing our schedule from four packed days to a more relaxed but equally stimulating multi-week event, which will start in early November and include shorter sessions, allowing plenty of time for in-depth conversation and learning. Over a period of weeks, we will offer five to seven plenary sessions, a set of facilitated roundtable discussions and regional forums, technical workshops, and networking opportunities. Some of the topics to be explored include Regenerative Agriculture in the Face of Climate Change, Racial Equity in Agriculture, Financing Regenerative Agriculture, Diversifying Markets, and Indigenous Land Management, and there will be many more.


These diverse events will promote and provide different kinds of collaboration, community building, and networking among participants from a given region and locality, while also connecting people from around the world. Attendees will be able to participate directly in the live plenary sessions and roundtable discussions or view them later as recordings to catch up when they have time. We are focused on making these events as accessible as possible for folks with limited or no internet and those who may have other barriers to attendance or access. Additionally, we plan to host technology training sessions ahead of the conference so that all attendees are supported in having a fluid and enjoyable conference experience.

Join us virtually during the first couple weeks of November for REGENERATE 2020!

About the partners

Holistic Management International

Holistic Management International is an environmental and educational non-profit that helps communities grow and thrive by educating family farmers and ranchers and pastoralists in regenerative agricultural practices that empower them to strengthen their businesses, produce healthier food, improve local wildlife habitats and protect the environment.

American Grassfed

The American Grassfed Association is a national multi-species organization dedicated to protecting and promoting grassfed producers and grassfed products through national communication, education, research and marketing efforts.


The Quivira Coalition fosters resilience on arid working lands. To create a culture of land stewardship that integrates ecological, economic, and social health, we work in coalition with ranchers and farmers, landowners and managers, public agencies, conservationists, students and educators, and the general public. Quivira believes this culture is rooted in three areas of practice: education, innovation, and collaboration

About the 2020 Conference


REGENERATE will bring together a diverse group of speakers to lead extraordinary plenary sessions, roundtable discussions, and intensive workshops, all virtually.

Confirmed speakers will be posted shortly…

Come together

REGENERATE will bring together a broad community as diverse as the lands they manage. Our attendees come from across the Southwest, the country, and the globe and bring their expertise as farmers and ranchers, scientists, government agencies, conservationists and innovators in managing healthy land, producing healthy food, and fostering healthy people. Whether you are a young farmer preparing to dig your hands into the soil for the first time or a professional interested in new ideas and opportunities for collaboration, our conference has something for you. This year, the reach can extend even more globally, as travel won’t be a restriction.


We offer great rates for members from all three organizations and beginning agrarians, conservationists, and students! We will also be offering a number of scholarships through the HERD Fellowship Program. More info on scholarships will be posted soon.

Full Conference = Plenaries, Roundtables, Forums, Workshops

Basic Conference = Plenaries, Roundtables, Forums

  Beginning Agrarian, Land Steward, Student* Member Rate Early Bird Non-member Regular (non-member & after early bird)
Full $75-90 $150 $175 $225
Basic $50-65 $100 $125 $175



*Email to see if you are eligible for this rate.