2019 Regenerate Call for Proposals


Submit a proposal for sessions at the 2019 Regenerate Conference to be held November 19-22, 2019 in Albuquerque, New Mexico! Quivira Coalition, Holistic Management International, and American Grassfed Association— the Regenerate partners—are inviting proposals for speakers, plenary talks, and roundtable sessions that focus on this year’s theme, Health from the Soil Up.


Health from the Soil Up

Health, a state of complete well being, can describe everything from soils to economies. Health of people, animals, plants, and the whole planet are fundamentally connected. At its root, the source of health is in the land; it provides food, medicine, (bio)diversity, tradition, and home. Regenerative agriculture embodies a shift away from extractive practices, and toward holism, prevention, and proactivity. Making this shift will require bravery, humility, innovation, ingenuity, and sometimes, at first, failure.

The systemic connections between food, medicine, plants, soil, and climate impact the health of people and planet. The enormity of these systems and their relationships can inspire and be daunting—but ultimately we all play a role and have responsibility in how they function and contribute to health. How do we reconnect and learn from existing knowledge, practices, and experience about the intrinsic connections between health and nature? What can food production and land stewardship teach us about health and its cycles? How do we engage with the land in ways that heal and nourish soil, our bodies, wildlife, communities, economies, and the climate? How do we adapt agriculture for healthy, regenerative food and medicine systems into the future?


Conference Subjects

Proposals should explore ideas of health in the following broad subjects:

  • Soil
  • Plants
  • Animals
  • Food
  • People
  • Communities
  • Land and Water
  • Government, Policy and Economies (or Economics)
  • Planet and Climate

Proposals may focus on a single subject or multiple subjects. Health may be interpreted in many ways, and therefore we ask that you clearly articulate your sense of its meaning. In particular, we are interested in unique, creative, or critical/constructive voices and perspectives.


Proposal Types

Speaker Recommendation

Anyone may submit a speaker recommendation. If you would like to speak or lead a roundtable, please propose a plenary presentation or roundtable session.

Plenary Presentation (Single-Speaker or Panel)

Plenary presentations may be made by a single speaker or multiple speakers in a panel format and can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes in length. Proposals for single-speaker plenary presentations should fall within the 30 or 45 minute time lengths; plenary panels should fall within the 45 minute or 60 minute time lengths. We encourage presentations that combine personal experience, science, narrative, and audience engagement.

Roundtable Session (Topic Recommendation or Complete Proposal)

Roundtables are meant to foster dialogue and greater interaction among conference attendees. These sessions should not be presentation based, but instead should encourage conversation among participants. We encourage starting with focused, critical questions related to a specific topic and use of an effective facilitation strategy to organize the conversation. Roundtable sessions will be 90 minutes in length. You may submit recommendations for roundtable topics or questions, or a complete proposal, including roundtable title, topic, facilitator, and description.

Proposal Process

Please review all of the information on this page before submitting a proposal, including the submission form (below), to be certain you know what information is needed for each proposal type. Complete your proposal as a Word or Google doc before you begin the online submission process. You can then cut and paste your information into our online form which will not permit you to save and return to complete. You will receive a copy of the completed form after you submit it. You are welcome to submit more than one proposal.


Proposal Selection

When the proposal form is submitted, a confirmation notification should display on the webpage and you should receive a confirmation email. Proposals are due by 5 pm MT on Monday, April 8. Proposals will be reviewed and evaluated by the conference organizers, and we may contact you with follow-up questions or for clarification. Selection criteria for presentations and roundtables includes relevance to conference theme, topical significance, quality of content, coherent and compelling presentation, and facilitation style. Responses and notifications regarding selection will be emailed the week of April 15th.


Important Information/Considerations

Proposals must be submitted in English.

If your proposal for a plenary presentation is selected, please be aware that conference organizers may request a change in time length, due to limitations in the over-all conference schedule.

Call for Proposals is Now Closed

Please contact Arielle at arielle@quiviracoalition if you have any questions.