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The Paul H. Johanson Fund

Red Canyon Fall Land Health Workshop

Red Canyon Reserve near Magdalena, NM

Friday, October 4 – Sunday, October 6


Join us for two great days of landscape assessment, planning, and monitoring at Red Canyon Reserve! This workshop is perfect for ranchers, land managers, students, or anyone looking to learn these methods. Tools and worksheets will be provided. Attendees are responsible for food and camping gear. Participants can begin to arrive on Friday evening to explore Red Canyon and connect with other participants. Saturday is the main workshop day where participants will assist on various projects. Any remaining projects that aren’t completed on Saturday will be finished on Sunday morning, and participants can depart by noon. Participants are encouraged to arrive Friday evening and stay through Saturday evening or Sunday morning. We provide water and a beautiful place to camp out, you bring the rest.


This workshop is free to attend!

Registration now open!


Planning & Designing Experiments for Land Management Decision Making with the Quivira Coalition Carbon Ranch Initiative Team

Do you want to try out a new management practice? How do you make a plan to evaluate the efficacy of this practice to inform your decision-making process in the future? This workshop will bring the process of planning and designing experiments in the land management framework. We will do this through hands-on set-up of experimental plots for future compost addition experiments and collect initial baseline measurements and samples. Through this process, we will all experience how to make the most rigorous decisions when it comes to things like site selection, plot replication, and sample collection. Everyone will participate in collecting field data on soils, arthropod and plant diversity, and net primary productivity.

Bullseye Rangeland Vegetation Monitoring TBD

The Bullseye method was originally articulated by Kirk Gadzia and Todd Graham to fill the gap between the needs of land managers and the never ending array of monitoring methods available. Participants will learn about the long-term monitoring program at Red Canyon Reserve and how to perform a rapid qualitative assessment of rangeland health using the bullseye method.

Erosion Control TBD

Learn how to read the landscape to better understand surface water flow and the erosion process, while getting hands on instruction in remediation of large and small headcuts.


Upcoming workshops

The Quivira Coalition hosts a number of workshops throughout the year for land managers interested in improving or maintaining the health of the land they steward. These workshops usually consist of one to three days on a working ranch where participants are given the opportunity to learn by doing. Topics include erosion control, biological monitoring, pasture management, soil health assessment, plant identification, native seed harvesting and more. Typically, we partner with one or several ranchers and organizations to bring a number of perspectives and types of expertise to the conversation. If you would like to partner with us on a land health workshop, please contact Arielle Quintana at

New Agrarian Program Mentor Training

New Agrarian Program Mentor Training

October 2, 2019 If you are in the process of becoming a mentor or are interested in learning more about what it means to be a mentor with the New Agrarian Program, we invite you to attend our afternoon Mentor Training session.
Northern Ranch/Farm 101

Northern Ranch/Farm 101

September 21-22, 2019 Join us for two great days of regenerative practices and apprenticeships at BBar Ranch in Montana!
Ranch/Farm 101

Ranch/Farm 101

September 21-22, 2019 Join us for two great days of regenerative practices and apprenticeships at San Juan Ranch!
Northern Ranch/Farm 101

Northern Ranch/Farm 101

October 10, 2019 Join us a great day of regenerative practices and apprenticeships at Mannix Ranch in Montana!