Mindful Meat Keynote Panel

Mary Charlotte Domandi, Deborah Madison, Adam Danforth, Mike Callicrate
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Listen to butcher and teacher Adam Danforth, chef and writer Deborah Madison, and rancher and processor Mike Callicrate discuss how we eat, think, and talk about meat. Moderated by Mary-Charlotte Domandi.

In a world full of mixed-message marketing about the impacts of meat production, making choices about eating healthy and sustainably-raised meat can feel complicated. The conversation about meat in the media continues to be polarized. Ranchers are either heralded as grassland champions for sequestering carbon or as part of a high emissions, environment destroying industry. Is beef a superfood or does it increase your risk of a heart attack? Our panelists will discuss why changing the systems of meat production — from pasture to plate — is complicated. They will explore the economics of meat production, human and animal health, culinary trends, the psychology of eating meat, and more. They will also share some of the projects they are personally involved in that are helping ranchers and consumers make better sense and better business of meat — for personal health, for the businesses of the ranchers and processors, and for the health of the land.

We invite you to enjoy videos from our 2017 Conference here. The annual Quivira Conference is internationally renowned for bringing together leaders, innovators, and stewards of the land for three days of provocative plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking with diverse attendees from across the southwest, the country, and globe. The conference creates a unique environment where ideas are sown, exchanged, and grown. Quivira’s outstanding speakers and attendees contribute expertise in ranching, farming, conservation, community, and all things soil, which is the key to it all. Every attendee brings something unique to the table, and each departs with inspiration, new connections, broader perspectives, and the tools necessary to effect change.

2017 Conference Speaker Videos

The Quivira Coalition documents its conference every year. We love to share the content of this event with those who were not able to join us in person. You can also view the 2017 videos, along with past years, on the Quivira You Tube page.

2017 filming by Crash Roll Films and editing by Downstream Media Maven.

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