Luka Samson



New Agrarian Program Northern Plains Manager


Contact Luka:

Luka at quiviracoalition dot org

Direct Line: 406-219-1470

Luka´s story began in Münster, Germany, where she started working in the organic food and beverage sector early on in her life. She much appreciated the tight-knit community of people that cared about the quality of their products and their practices. After receiving a B.S. in Animal Science from Montana State University in Bozeman and a M.S. from the University of Göttingen in Germany, she worked in the Research and Development Department of a rancher and farmer cooperation where she managed projects that had the ultimate intention of making animal agriculture more sustainable. In 2018, Luka came back to Montana and worked at the Bozeman Agricultural Research and Teaching Farm where she really enjoyed working with students who were eager to learn and were motivated to become the next generation of ranchers and farmers. Her experiences with agriculture in Montana also include feedlot work, seed potato farming, stockyard work and ranching. She enjoys helping nurture relationships with the livestock and agriculture community. When not on a horse, Luka enjoys learning new languages, gardening, exploring the backcountry, and searching for Yogo Sapphires. As the New Agrarian Northern Plains Manager for Quivira, Luka is excited to work with apprentices and farmers and ranchers in Montana to help everybody get the most out of the New Agrarian Program.