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LeahPW at quiviracoalition dot org

Direct Line: 505.393.1355

Leah Potter-Weight


Education and Outreach Project Manager


Leah has over a decade of sustainable agricultural experience, working on organic vegetable farms in Michigan, Oregon, Washington and Hawaii. She received an M.S. in Agroecology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her thesis research focused on racial justice, specifically analyzing how whiteness and racism permeate sustainable agriculture and recommendations for how white-led organizations/ farms can be better anti-racist allies. At the Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems in Madison, she coordinated the Fruit and Nut Compass project, supporting diversified fruit and nut farmers. Through The L.A.N.D. Project she worked with two agricultural communities in South Africa conducting community-based participatory development including farm business development, school gardening, rotational grazing, and more. She is new to New Mexico and very excited to learn about the history and current reality of life and land in the Southwest. In her free time she enjoys tracking the moon, being in nature, gardening, reading intersectional feminist literature, writing science fiction, cooking, dancing and singing.


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