Keyline Pasture Restoration Workshop

Valmora, NM

Saturday, October 12 | 9 am – 5 pm & Sunday, October 13 | 8 am – 12 pm


Join Hermit’s Peak Watershed Alliance, Quivira Coalition, and Tooley’s Trees for an interactive workshop using keyline design principles to improve a degraded pasture! During this 1.5-day workshop, Gordon Tooley will demonstrate how to mark out keylines and the use of a keyline plow. In addition, we will plant a pasture with an annual and native perennial seed mix intended to increase biodiversity above and below ground. Finally, Quivira’s new Carbon Ranch Initiative team will demonstrate how to measure soil health and how to establish a monitoring protocol to understand change in soil, microbiology, and plant biodiversity.

Tools, gloves, and handouts will be provided during the workshop. Attendees are welcome to camp Friday and Saturday night at the property and will be responsible for camping gear. Attendees can bring their own meals or sign-up for a $40 meal plan (meals provided will include breakfast, lunch, and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday).

This workshop is free! Registration now!



  • Keyline design principles
  • Keyline implementation
  • Measuring your soil health
  • Considerations for monitoring pasture restoration
  • Choosing seed mixes for increased biodiversity above and below ground
  • How soil health improves your watershed



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