Juliana Ciano

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Juliana Ciano, Program Director of Reunity Resources, is a social entrepreneur and educator focusing on sustainable community food systems and holistic approaches to education. Since co-founding Reunity Resources in 2011, an organization that demonstrates a closed-loop sustainable food system and works toward food justice in Santa Fe, Juliana has worked to build compost programming that now diverts 1.5 million pounds of food waste from the Santa Fe landfill annually and has trained over 11,000 students at staff at public elementary schools in daily cafeteria compost practices, thus reducing their trash collection by one third. In 2019, Juliana led field trip and apprenticeship initiatives to create educational opportunities for over 5,000 young people, along with creating farm volunteer days, community workshops and festivals. The farm maintains a mission of fresh food accessibility, with an affordably priced farm stand on site and the donation of thousands of pounds of food to local hunger efforts annually. Juliana holds a Master’s of Education focusing on neurodivergent learners, and as a mother of two and a former teacher and coach, Juliana is passionate about providing opportunities for young people to find their strength and balance outdoors, build connections to their food and environment, and see possibilities for themselves engaging in their community for good.

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Worm Composting and Aerated Static Pile Composting in Rural Drylands