Contact Jessica:

jbrothers at quiviracoalition dot org

Jessica Bothers


Contractor for Communications, Design, and Conference Support

Weaving together her talents in design, photography, and communications with her background in ecological education and watershed science, Jessica puts her creative skills to work helping Quivira share out meaningful visual design and communications.
As an independent contractor, Jessica creates visual design and communications products that help to strengthen and lift up the voices of producers, community members, and organizations on issues such as all-lands stewardship, soil health, rural vitality, and climate change. In her previous roles in science education, Jessica led experiential ecological education with K-12 students and delivered ecological- and horticultural-based vocational training to adults in custody. She also worked with state and federal partners across the West to produce native plant seedlings for post-fire management on public lands. In her past communications work, Jessica led marketing and design efforts for her local food co-op for six years. Each of these opportunities have guided her towards a deeper appreciation of resilience, biodiversity, and the ecological wellbeing of our social communities and working lands.
Jessica practices regenerative agriculture on her own family farm where she and her husband raise sheep, perennial fruits, and medicinal herbs with their two children and their adorable doodle pup.