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Comparing Effects of Time-Controlled Grazing, Traditional Management, and Rest on Vegetative Covers

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For centuries, apprenticeship has been the means of passing on the skills of many trades, from engravers and silversmiths in the middle ages, to electricians and carpenters today. Using work-based learning alongside experienced artisans is a means of ensuring that the basic skills needed for a functional society are maintained across generations. Why not in agriculture? There is no societal function more basic than producing the food that sustains us and stewarding the natural resources on which we depend. This session will focus on how we can create a tradition and culture around passing on the best practices of our craft to future generations, as well as why it is critical that we do.
Laura Paine is Program Director for Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, a national two-year formal Apprenticeship registered with the federal Department of Labor. A Holistic Management Certified Educator, she has been involved in managed grazing and beginning farmer education in a variety of roles for more than 25 years. She conducted on-farm research on managed grazing at the University of Wisconsin College of Agriculture and served seven years as an Extension Agriculture Agent. From 2006 to 2014, she served as Grazing & Organic Agriculture Specialist for the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, conducting research and education for farmers on producing and marketing organic and grass-fed products. Laura and her husband raise and market grass-fed beef on their farm near Columbus, Wisconsin.

We invite you to enjoy videos from our 2017 Conference here. The annual Quivira Conference is internationally renowned for bringing together leaders, innovators, and stewards of the land for three days of provocative plenary presentations, roundtable discussions, and networking with diverse attendees from across the southwest, the country, and globe. The conference creates a unique environment where ideas are sown, exchanged, and grown. Quivira’s outstanding speakers and attendees contribute expertise in ranching, farming, conservation, community, and all things soil, which is the key to it all. Every attendee brings something unique to the table, and each departs with inspiration, new connections, broader perspectives, and the tools necessary to effect change.

2017 Conference Speaker Videos

The Quivira Coalition documents its conference every year. We love to share the content of this event with those who were not able to join us in person. You can also view the 2017 videos, along with past years, on the Quivira You Tube page.

2017 filming by Crash Roll Films and editing by Downstream Media Maven.

Rio Grande Water Fund Panel

Rio Grande Water Fund Panel

Rio Grande Water Fund Panel - Fire and Rain: Economic, Ecological and Community Resilience Sandra Postel, Laura McCarthy, Katherine Kuhas, Toner Mitchell This panel of experts will discuss the Rio Grande Water Fund, an innovative project created to invest in the long...

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Keri Brandt and Janine Fitzgerald – Zombie Agriculture

Keri Brandt and Janine Fitzgerald – Zombie Agriculture

Keri Brandt and Janine Fitzgerald Zombie Agriculture Industrial agriculture has resulted in dead soils and animals living in torturous conditions. We call this process "zombie agriculture" in reference to constant supply of synthetic inputs required to reanimate the...

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