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Quivira is hiring a Building Manager for the Fortaleza Office Building


The Quivira Coalition is a Santa Fe-based nonprofit that builds resilience on arid working lands. We foster ecological, economic, and social health through education, innovation, and collaboration. At the foundation of all our work is the concept that well managed working rangelands and forests are two of the most effective, efficient, and immediately viable paths to remedy the devastating impacts of climate change.

We are seeking a person or business to help us manage our office building (4 business tenants and 1 short term residential unit) and grounds ~¼ acre. We welcome individuals to apply for this position. We also welcome proposals from local businesses providing building and grounds management services. The position is described as a staff position, but we are open to having the tasks described completed by a contracted team or individual. 

The Fortaleza building manager is a self-directed superintendent position for a small collaborative office building which houses four land stewardship organizations and one short term residential unit, currently rented on AirBnb. The Fortaleza building manager is responsible for attending to building tenant needs and annual services, short term residential rentals, and building and grounds maintenance in a way that is in line with the spirit and mission of the Quivira Coalition. Additionally, for the right person, this position could grow into management of a small co-working space in one unit of the building. 

The ideal Fortaleza building manager candidate is a service-oriented handy person who is as excited about tending an arid garden as they are about fixing lights and plumbing fixtures as they are about welcoming lodging guests. The ideal candidate works well collaboratively and independently, can work in service of a diverse group of people, enjoys maintaining a native plants, low-water garden, has the technical skills to maintain an aging building on a budget, enjoys hospitality, and understands and appreciates community-based collaborative conservation and agriculture as solutions to climate change.

This position is based in Santa Fe, and can accommodate a flexible schedule. While much of this position will require this person to work on-site at the Fortaleza building, the manager can also do any computer based work, such as managing short term rental reservations and tenant emails, from home. If the ideal candidate does not have access to reliable internet at home, the entire position may be conducted at the Fortaleza building. The position also requires reliable transportation to run any necessary errands for building maintenance, such as picking up parts, tools, and materials. It is expected that about 30 percent of this position is computer based and 70 percent will be on site, skilled physical labor. 

The Fortaleza building manager works collaboratively with the Quivira office manager and the executive director. The manager is responsible for building supportive relationships with current tenants and maintaining their annual rental contracts; maintaining the building and building grounds so they are clean, thriving, secure, and safe; providing exceptional hospitality for AirBnB tenants, as well as maintaining the residential suite for a high-quality guest stay; managing the overall flow of people through the Fortaleza space in a way that accommodates the needs of the entire community that works there. 


Primary responsibilities:

Building Maintenance and Management

  • Serve as the main point of contact for all Fortaleza building tenants
  • Maintain indoor and outdoor public spaces
  • Maintain, inventory, and oversee use of shared tools and equipment — Quivira maintains a shared toolshed of land restoration materials which it routinely lends to other building tenants and sister organizations for field work
  • Oversee all tenant paperwork such as leases and insurance and make sure they are shared in a timely fashion with the office manager and the executive director
  • Conduct all routine building and grounds maintenance
  • Manage contractors for any projects that require special expertise such as major plumbing, electrical, or structural repairs or upgrades (for example, hiring a plumber to replace a hot water heater). 
  • Oversee finding new tenants in the event that one is needed
  • Manage and resolve any tenant issues (eg. noise disputes with other tenants, leaks, dysfunctional appliances, etc.)
  • Identify short and long term building and grounds maintenance needs so that Quivira can plan accordingly for financially supporting this activity
  • Identify ways to maintain and upgrade the Fortaleza grounds and building that are in line with the mission and values of Quivira
  • Communicate and report regularly with with office manager and executive director
  • Collaborate with the office manager and executive director to develop building policies which are clear, effective, and help maintain a safe and productive space for everyone on site. 
  • Work with the office manager and executive director to develop a coworking model for Suite 1 that provides work space for Quivira staff, but optimizes space use by renting desk space in a comfortable and collaborative work environment to others who are working in conservation or agriculture. 
  • Represent Quivira to all building tenants
  • Collaborate with other staff members and engage with other Quivira program areas as needed
  • Other activities as assigned



We recognize and value the many ways to learn, grow and succeed professionally, and acknowledge that individuals acquire skills, knowledge and perspectives through diverse educational, professional, personal, and volunteer experiences. We take all relevant experiences into account when reviewing applications and ask that you share with us your unique strengths that you will bring to Quivira and to your work as the Fortaleza building manager.  

Required Qualifications

  • Ability and experience to maintain a sizeable garden and parking area in a way that is safe, water smart, and efficient 
  • Experience with commercial building operations and maintenance including routine maintenance such as irrigation, lighting furnaces, replacing light bulbs and batteries, and re-certifying fire extinguishers, as a few examples
  • Experience managing short term residential rentals
  • Experience overseeing long term tenants
  • Ability to self direct and prioritize work
  • Comfort and familiarity with GSuite and SLACK
  • Ability to communicate in a timely and professional fashion
  • Regular availability by phone to respond to tenant emergencies
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Comfortable working an independent job, with flexibility to accommodate the community that works and stays at the Fortaleza building


Preferred Qualifications 

  • Experience developing shared work space models
  • Access to reliable internet
  • Demonstrated ability to juggle multiple projects
  • An interest in regenerative agriculture
  • Experience working with people in diverse environments and with people from different backgrounds 


Terms of Employment: 

  • Reports to the executive director
  • Works collaboratively with the office manager and executive director
  • Able to work a regular schedule
  • Part Time, 15 – 20 hours a week, paid hourly, with flexible work schedule. 
  • Benefits include vision, dental and flexible paid time off.
  • Salary range for manager level positions: $20.40 – $27.60 depending on experience. Quivira Coalition uses a Wage Scale to determine hourly wage and salary ranges for all positions within the organization. If proposing a contractual arrangement, a contract would budget a comparable amount for the services. 


Hiring Timeline: 

  • Application deadline July 23, 2021
  • Two rounds of interviews will take place in July. We are hoping to make a job offer by August 1.


Application Instructions: 

  • Please apply online using the form below. Please include a current resume with the application. The application takes the place of a cover letter or letter of proposal; no letter is needed. Please have available the name, phone number, and email of three professional references.
  • Send questions to Sarah Wentzel-Fisher, Executive Director at with the subject line “Fortaleza Building Management”
  • The Quivira Coalition is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, height, weight, or marital status in employment or the provision of services. Knowing its importance to the success of our work, the Quivira Coalition is committed to diversity and inclusion, and we aspire to build a diverse staff team and community, including groups that are traditionally underrepresented in this work. Please email if you would like to request special accommodations during the interview process.


Since its establishment in 1997, the Quivira Coalition has prided itself on its history of working across difference at the radical center. In the last year, we have become increasingly aware of the work that we must do to ensure that individuals and communities of all backgrounds are truly included and welcomed into our work. Quivira Coalition is taking its first steps toward becoming an antiracist organization, and reevaluating what diversity, equity and inclusion means for the organization. This is difficult, often messy, ongoing work, and we are committed to working through the challenges to join the movement for racially just regenerative agriculture. We hope new hires and the perspectives they bring will continue to help us navigate this path. We invite candidates to ask questions about where we’re at in this journey, and to join us in moving the organization towards becoming more just, equitable, and inclusive.


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    Due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19, this position will be remote until it is deemed safe to return to either Quivira's Santa Fe office or the National Western Center's Denver campus. As such, a reliable internet connection is required.


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