Quivira Coalition’s New Agrarian Program is excited to offer its first Colorado New Agrarian Leadership Grant!


Thanks to the Colorado Department of Agriculture’s NextGen Ag Leadership Grant, we are offering up to $1000 to any beginning agrarian (with 10 or fewer consecutive years of experience as an operator of a farm or ranch) across Colorado to participate in leadership opportunities that will further their careers in agriculture. A total of $12,000 is available to be awarded. This can include registration for workshops, conferences, field days, webinars, or other training opportunities that expand your leadership capacity. Feel free to be creative with your opportunity, but check out a list of cool events we’ve compiled here.

The goal of this grant is to help individuals access educational, networking, and personal development opportunities as they explore their agricultural career options.

Once awarded, recipients will be required to meet with a New Agrarian Program coordinator virtually 1:1 to discuss how they can make the most of the opportunity, particularly in regards to building their leadership, networking, and communication skills.

Applicants may apply for funds ranging from $30-$1000. This can include travel/lodging costs. 


  • Must be a current resident of Colorado
  • Must be a next generation agriculturalist 
    • We know this is a fuzzy definition. Essentially, we’re looking to serve the next generation of land stewards and food growers. That tends to be folks who have 10 or fewer consecutive years of experience as an operator of a farm or ranch. This includes aspiring farmers/ranchers. If you fit that definition, feel free to apply.
  • Must utilize funds and perform the activities of the scholarship between February 20th, 2023 and June 30th, 2023.
    • We also know this is a tight timeline. This is the first iteration of this grant, and it is operating within a half fiscal year. For folks using this funding for ongoing summer-long classes/trainings, they must be finished by September 30th, 2023. All other uses of funds must be completed by June 30th, 2023.
  • Must comply with our reporting requirements
    • Along the way, we’ll ask for receipts and intermittent communication. After the event, we’ll ask for a brief write-up of your experience with photos that can be used in Quivira Coalition promotional materials. 

Preference will be given to applicants who identify as BIPOC or LGBTQ+. Further preference will be given to applicants proposing opportunities involving regenerative agriculture (intensive rotational grazing, cover crops, permaculture, etc.)


Types of Events We Can Fund:

(Note: Events do not have to take place within Colorado and can be in-person or virtual.)

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Leadership Trainings
  • Technical Assistance 1:1
  • Online Trainings
  • College Classes/Certification
  • Grazing/Vegetable Planning Software
  • Site Visit to other Operations
    • We can fund travel and lodging as long as rates are reasonable. Remember to keep all receipts!
    • If you’re driving your own vehicle, mileage can be calculated according to the IRS 2023 rate: $0.655/mile. (See examples below.)
  • Partial Funding for any of these opportunities (Ex. A training program costs $1400. Our maximum is $1000, so you can just ask for $1000.)


Things we can’t fund:

  • Fall college tuition
  • Events that happen before February 20th, 2023
  • Events after June 30th, 2023 (except ongoing summer classes, workshops, must be done by Sept 30th)
  • Computer equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Educational Books/Textbooks
  • Subscriptions to Educational Ag Publications

Examples of appropriate uses of funding are:

  • Attending Farming Evolution 2023 in Holyoke, CO Feb 22-23, 2023.
    • Registration is $60 for both days
    • Travel to and from the event is 417 miles round-trip. 417 miles * 0.655 = $273.14
    • Lodging for Feb 21-24 = $410
    • Total = $743.14
  • Site visit to a great farmer I admire for 1:1 Technical Assistance
    • I have corresponded with the farmer, and will set up a visit in May
    • 697 miles * .655 = $456
    • Consulting Fee from rancher = $30/hr * 5 = $150
    • Total = $606
  • Ranching for Profit School in Billings, MT June 4-10, 2023
    • Registration is $2750, requesting $1000


Applications will open on February 6th, 2023 at 10am MT and will be accepted on a rolling basis until all funds are distributed. Apply early for best consideration! Events/activities must happen after February 20th, 2023 (to give us time to review your application) and must conclude by June 30th, 2023. For unique situations (like ongoing summer classes), your project may conclude by September 30th, 2023. We aim to notify you if you’ve been awarded or not within 2 weeks of your application being received. Please note that if you must register for an event before the two weeks have passed, we cannot guarantee an early notification, so please plan accordingly.

Once the event/activity is completed, our staff will be in touch to go over how it went and collect some data.

Need help in organizing your thoughts? Have any questions?

Please reach out to taylor@quiviracoalition.org.


Applications will open February 6th at 10am MT, but in the meantime, feel free to prepare yours early, so you can just copy/paste when they open.

Personal Information




Do you live in Colorado? y/n


Do you identify as BIPOC or LGBTQ+? y/n/prefer not to answer

Your Background

If aspiring, it’s okay to put 0.

Where do you currently work? What agricultural experiences do you have? What plans do you have for the future?

What interests you? What’s your dream job?

Grant Proposal

Total Dollar Amount Requested Insert # here

Example: Ranching for Profit School, Site Visit to Paicines Ranch, etc.

If applicable, tell us how it involves regenerative agriculture. Feel free to copy/paste the event link if applicable.

Example: I will purchase the ticket to the event upon receiving funding. The event will occur on March 20th, 2023. I will leave for the trip on March 19th, and return on March 21st.

Example: Attending Farming Evolution 2023 in Holyoke, CO Feb 22-23, 2023. Registration = $60. Travel to and from the event using my own vehicle = 417 miles round-trip. 417 miles * $0.655/mile = $273.14 Lodging for Feb 21-24 in nearby hotel = $410 Total = $743.14

[Optional] Budget attachment (max file size 200 MB)

Example: This event will help develop my networking skills and knowledge of farm financial planning…

If selected, I understand that I will be required to adhere to program requirements and provide documentation of my project. This might include sharing a short write-up, sending photos and receipts, and communicating with Quivira staff via email. y/n