Hope on the range.

Your support enables good work to be done—each and every day of the year—

in ranching and farming, watershed restoration,

useful science, healthy soil, and community building.


We invite you to support the radical center with a year-end contribution to the Quivira Coalition.

Through twenty years of work at the radical center, Quivira Coalition has helped bring about an important difference in the world. Reflected in the increasingly diverse and intergenerational crowd at this year’s conference, and due entirely to the commitment, hard work, and financial support of friends and members like you, our coalition and the land we collectively steward shine with hope and resilience.

The first weekend in August, over sixty people—including contract graziers from California, ranching apprentices from New Mexico and Colorado, seasoned cattlemen, agency biologists and project managers, land restoration contractors, young farmers, urbanites, Yale graduate students, scouts and many others—gathered for the sixteenth annual Quivira work weekend in the Valle Vidal. Something powerful happens when you bring a diverse group of smart and caring people together to read and repair the land—it is the radical center in action.

Fifteen years ago, our coalition came together to articulate the principles of the radical center—they knew that the way we live in the West today defines the West of tomorrow. They were visionary in their thinking, and almost all of what they wrote in their original manifesto remains true now: Preserving biological diversity of working landscapes requires active stewardship. Land stewards are only compensated for a fraction of the value that their work and care provides. Livestock, while not appropriate everywhere, play a critical role in land health. Working lands, when stewarded regeneratively rather than extractively, are a wellspring of ecological, aesthetic, and cultural richness.

Bill DeBuys defined the radical center as the place where people come together to explore their common interests rather than argue their differences. It is a simple but profound idea. I would go further and say that the radical center happens when our common interest is the land.

The work you do on the land is of paramount importance. The work we will do at the Quivira Coalition in the next year—learning from the land, strengthening relationships, training the next generation of ranchers and conservationists, building soil, and getting inspired—is also critical to our success as we take on some of the biggest challenges we face today.

What your contribution supports

COMMUNITY – $15,000 +

  • Organizes a two-day land health workshop for up to 40 land stewards
  • Publishes the 2018 edition of Resilience, Quivira’s annual land and water health publication

WATER – $10,000 +

  • Supports a New Agrarian apprentice for a year
  • Helps launch a new Carbon Ranching initiative

ANIMAL – $5,000 +

  • Enables critical research on techniques for increasing soil organic matter in arid landscapes
  • Publishes updated field guides for ranch roads, slope wetland restoration, and water harvesting in arid lands

PLANT – $2,500 +

  • Produces an episode of Down to Earth, Quivira’s new podcast
  • Brings a world-renowned speaker to the 2018 Quivira Conference

SEED – $1,250 +

  • Hosts the New Agrarian Career Connection
  • Supports outreach, networking, and partnership building

SOIL – $500 +

  • Supports a scholarship to the 2018 Quivira Conference
  • Distributes Quivira publications to partner organizations


  • Grows our community network from the roots up
  • Forwards the work of the radical center