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Become a Mentor


Calling on Ranchers in NM, CO and AZ!

Help train the next generation of regenerative land managers and food producers. We are actively seeking ranches and farms to join our New Agrarian Program as mentors for the next generation of regenerative agriculture practitioners.

This program was designed to support the next generation of food producers and specifically targets first-career professionals with a sincere commitment to life at the intersection of conservation and regenerative agriculture.

NAP mentors are dedicated stewards of the land; they practice intentional, regenerative methods of food production, provide excellent animal care, and are skilled and enthusiastic teachers.In exchange for their labor, apprentices receive mentorship and professional instruction in all aspects of a resilient and regenerative agricultural operation.

We will be expanding the New Agrarian Program over the next two years, and will soon be seeking applications from established ranchers and farmers interested in mentoring the next generation.

NAP partners with mentors who are full-time, established ranchers or farmers with a minimum of five years' experience; who practice "beyond organic," regenerative agriculture; and who are passionate teachers actively seeking to train young people in their field.

We are currently seeking new partnerships with a few operations in New Mexico, southern Colorado, eastern Arizona, and western Texas.

Please send questions and inquiries to Virginie Pointeau, New Agrarian Program Director: VIrginie Pointeau. 505.820.2544, Ext. 5.

Read the full Program Overview to know if becoming a mentor is right for you.