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47 Ranch

In their own words...

We are a family scale ranch located in the Mule Mountains and Sulphur Springs Valley of Cochise
County. We raise crossbred cattle, Boer Goats, and Navajo Churro Sheep. We move our cattle through about 20 pastures on the ranch during the course of the year, providing rest for regrowth. No hormone implants are used, no grain is fed, and antibiotics are only used to treat the rare animal that has been injured. We have a USDA approved label for All Natural Grassfed Beef. We also have about 40 acres of irrigated pasture.

Our sheep and goats are raised the same way, without hormones, grain, or antibiotics. The goats and sheep graze out on the range during the day and are penned at night to protect them from predators. The sheep are shorn for wool, and Deb sells the handspun yarn.

We have many conservation, habitat, and watershed restoration projects in progress. We have lived off the grid since 1992. We are solar and wind powered. We eat cactus.