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Land & Water Program

Quivira's Land and Water Program represents our com- mitment to land health, restoration, collaboration and progressive stewardship of natural resources. Over the years, we have been engaged in a variety of work rang- ing from induced meandering projects to grassbanks and local food production. Today, our work concentrates geographically in north-central New Mexico, our Red Canyon Reserve in southern New Mexico and in the Santa Fe area. Additionally, we participate in various committees and coalitions that are also committed to implementing land health projects.
The innovative restoration methodology we employ was developed by pioneering watershed restoration spe- cialist, Bill Zeedyk. His techniques use native materials (river rock and cedar posts) to re-establish native riverine and riparian habitat, reinstate natural river length, re- duce erosion, address the causes of increased water tem- perature, and add wetland acreage to riverine systems. Zeedyk's methods work because they address the root causes of what ails a creek: poorly constructed and main- tained roads, over-grazing, and mineral/timber extraction, as well as other historical land uses. Quivira's implementation of his techniques has proven to effect positive change over the long-term.
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