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2014 Restoration Workshops

Heartfelt thanks to our 2014 volunteers for working so hard to accomplish this restoration. If wetlands could send thank-you cards, you would all get some very soggy mail!

Comanche Creek Volunteer Work Weekend - August 8, 9, 10
Wetland Restoration in Grassy Creek

This summer's workshop was held to restore the middle section of Grassy Creek in the Comanche Creek watershed in the Valle Vidal with Craig Sponholtz of Watershed Artisans, Inc. (formerly Dryland Solutions, Inc.). Bill Zeedyk of Zeedyk Ecological Consulting was also on site.

Grassy Creek and its associated wetlands benefitted from the labor of 59 volunteers and 4 Quivira staff members, who received expert guidance from Craig Sponholtz of Watershed Artisans, Inc., and his crew, Brenton Kelley and Neil Bertrando; Bill Zeedyk of Zeedyk Ecological Consulting, LLC; and Jeffrey Adams of Terrasophia, LLC.

Together we completed 111 structures in the slope wetlands of Grassy Creek! And this doesn't even include the good work that Jeff Adam's crew did on Friday in Springwagon Creek. Go volunteers!

All these new in-stream structures are now causing the water in Grassy Creek and Springwagon Creek to completely infiltrate more slope wetland areas before moving down to Comanche Creek. Grassy Creek stopped flowing briefly on both Friday and Saturday, as thirsty wetland soils drank up much needed water.

Photos from the workshop

Quivira Coalition Land and Water Director - Mollie Walton