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Restoration Workshops

Request for Proposals!

Due by 5pm on May 6 EXTENDED!
Quivira wants to engage new audiences by conducting a Quivira Land Health Workshop in your part of the Southwest.
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A Quivira Land Health Workshop

The Quivira Coalition is pleased to announce the launch of a project that will invite land owners/managers with a specific land health "need" to submit a short proposal to apply for a Quivira Land Health Workshop on their property in 2016.

This project is made possible by a grant from the Paul H. Johanson Fund. We are grateful for the opportunity provided by the Johanson Fund to reach out to land managers who are relatively new to the Quivira Community and excited about the possibility of hosting a land heath workshop.

Quivira wishes to work with a land manager to complement their existing goals for improved health of their land. The workshop host will select the workshop format. For example, a two-day event might include a morning of instruction followed by a day and a half of volunteer work.

  • Conduct a workshop on a property where Quivira has not worked in the past
  • Engage new audiences
  • Increase the local knowledge about innovative management techniques
  • Host an outdoor forum that will bring neighbors together
  • Improve the health of habitat for plants, animals and soil
  • Have fun and make new friends

Quivira would consider partnering with an expert/consultant (local, if possible) to help conduct the workshop and provide consultation. Here are some examples for workshop ideas.
  • Targeted species management: upland birds, riparian birds, pollinators, large and small mammals, amphibians, reptiles, sensitive plant species, invasive plant species and noxious weeds
  • Riparian Management and Restoration (all necessary 404/401 permits will be the responsibility of the landowner)
  • Wetland Enhancement (all necessary 404/401 permits will be the responsibility of the landowner)
  • Management of Horses on Small Acres
  • Erosion Control
  • Grassland Management
  • Supplemental Food and Water for Improving Access for Wildlife and Livestock
  • Conversion of Stock Tank to Wetland Habitat
  • Land Mapping and Access to Free Data for Your Property
  • Grant Writing
  • Planned Grazing
  • Prescribed Burning
  • Range Enhancement
  • Reading the Landscape
  • Drought Preparedness
  • Restoring Old Fields
  • Providing Supplemental Shelter for Wildlife
  • Hay Meadow, Pasture and Crop Management for Wildlife
  • Vegetation Monitoring Techniques
  • Bird Monitoring Techniques

The workshop format is only limited by imagination. Have a different idea that would work best for your property? Propose it!

The project can be located anywhere within a 10 hour drive of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Land managers should submit a short proposal following the guidelines detailed below. Once we have considered all submissions, we will choose one applicant to receive the award -- a Quivira Land Health Workshop in 2016.

The recipient of the workshop will receive no funds. The award will consist of:
  • 40 dedicated hours of Quivira's in-house expertise on land management, project planning, permitting requirements and workshop coordination;
  • 30 hours of consultation with a local expert working in collaboration with Quivira for implementation of the workshop topic
  • Access to Quivira's in-house mapping, GPS, land survey, and photo-documentation capabilities.
  • Partnering with Quivira to structure the workshop, based on your project goals;
  • Hands-on participation of workshop attendees/volunteers in improvement activities on your property;
  • 1 year Quivira Coalition membership; and
  • Conference registration passes for two individuals for the 2016 Quivira Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, November 9,10,11.

  • Applications must be received by May 2, 2016.
  • Notification of Award will be published no later than June 1, 2016.
  • The workshop must be completed by December 31, 2016.

Application Guidelines
Proposals must contain all of the following 8 items, and should be limited to 5 pages or fewer (not including pictures or property map). We realize that some of you may not have completed a proposal like this one before. Please feel free to call Mollie Walton, PhD, 505-820-2544 6#, for assistance.

1) Purpose Statement. In a sentence or two describe the type of project that would benefit from a Quivira workshop.
2) Background. Please provide a brief history of land management on the property.
3) Why Partner with Quivira? What has led you to apply for this collaborative workshop with Quivira? What do you hope to learn? What do you hope to share with your neighbors and community?
4) Project Goals. Please identify the project goals. What improvements would you like to achieve on your property? Please be specific about your top three goals.
5) Service Expectations. Please clearly describe what assistance you seek for this project. What type of assistance would you like Quivira to provide? How would you like the workshop to be structured?
6) Workshop Participant Information. Are your neighbors and community members likely to attend the workshop and participate as volunteer labor in order to learn how to do the same or similar work on their own properties?
7) Project Area. Please provide a brief description and/or map to your property.
8) Project Commitment. The proposal must include a commitment to actively work with Quivira on workshop execution and to recruit neighbors and community members to attend.
9) Local Expert Identification (Optional). Include the name, contact information, and area of expertise of the local expert with whom you would like to coordinate with Quivira for the workshop.

All applications must be received via e-mail. Please submit your application as a Microsoft Word document. If you have attachments (photos, plans) that you wish to include with your application, please email them with the application document to by May 2, 2016. Please include your name and Quivira Land Health Workshop as the subject of the email.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Will Quivira provide equipment or materials to help complete the restoration project and workshop? - Yes and No. Quivira will provide the host land manager/owner with access to our in-house mapping, GPS, land survey, and photo-documentation capabilities. We will NOT provide heavy machinery, or any of the building materials (rock, fencing, etc...) necessary for the restoration project/workshop.

Is the landowner required to provide matching funds? - Matching funds are not required, but proposals that include a matching component, such as use of equipment (from bulldozers to shovels) or sources of on-site materials (fencing supplies, rocks, logs) may be rated higher in the application process.
What are the selection criteria? - This project was created to assist land managers in their efforts to improve the health of their land and habitat for plants, animals and soil and create positive momentum for improved land health efforts in a defined community of land stewards.

If I applied last year but was not selected for the workshop, may I apply again? - Yes

Proposals will be ranked on the following
  • proposal completeness;
  • clarity of purpose;
  • the likely level of improvement to both land habitat and community relations, and
  • the level of commitment offered by the applicant.
Upcoming in 2016
In 2016, Quivira's Land and Water Program will work with many collaborators to scale up our restoration efforts in New Mexico. Although in the early stages, the effort is gaining momentum. We will post project updates as they become available.

Please check back soon and subscribe to our newsletter for restoration workshops in 2016. So far, we are planning two workshops at Red Canyon Reserve, a Comanche Creek Volunteer Weekend, a plant identification day at Twin Willows Ranch, and the 2016 Quivira Land Health Workshop.

August 5, 6, 7
Comanche Creek Volunteer Weekend
Check back soon for registration details.

We look forward to seeing you on the land!
Shuree Lodge Web
Presentations from Quivira's Land Health Workshop.
December 4-5 in Bandera, TX

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