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Largo & Loco Creeks

Largo Creek
In 2001 The Quivira Coalition began working with a Catron County rancher, at his request, and the U.S. Forest Service to develop a new management plan for his ranch. A grazing plan was completed and implemented, much to the delight of the rancher and the Forest Service.

In 2003, we continued work on Largo Creek on the Williams Ranch. Many people outside The Quivira Coalition cite the Williams Ranch as a positive example of how ranching can succeed when emphasis is put on collaboration.

Loco Creek
On the Williams Ranch in 2003, work shifted from Largo Creek to Loco Creek, an ephemeral tributary that is deeply incised and a major source of erosion. In the past, Loco apparently flowed in a different direction but was captured over time by a quickly eroding cattle or wagon trail. Fence posts that hung thirty feet up in the air were once in-the-ground in 1935.

In all, twenty-six Induced Meandering structures - weirs, baffles, and vanes - were constructed in an approximately one-quarter mile stretch. The goal was to slow water down by encouraging Loco to "re-meander" itself naturally during flood events.

The grant money ran out for this project in 2004.