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Jonathan Lundgren, PhD

Jonathan Lundgren, PhD
Dr. Lundgren is Director of Ecdysis Foundation, a non-profit science and education company in regenerativeagriculture.

He is also an CEO for Blue Dasher Farm. Lundgren's research program focuses on assessing the ecological risk of pest management strategies and developing long-term solutions for sustainable food systems. His ecological research focuses heavily on conserving healthy biological communities within agroecosystems by reducing disturbance and increasing biodiversity within cropland.

Jonathan was a top scientist with USDA-ARS for 11 years. He received the Presidential Early Career Award for Science and Engineering (the highest honor given to young scientists) and the Early Career Innovation Award from the Entomological Society of America.

In his words..."I am a predator ecologist, and my main areas of research include predator feeding ecology and nutritional physiology, integrating generalist predators within modern farming systems, the importance of biodiversity in managing pests, and carabid taxonomy and natural history."