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The Quivira Coalition wishes to express our deep gratitude to the following sponsors and supporters for helping make the 2014 Quivira Conference possible.

Clarence Burch Award
  • Andrew Dunigan & The Dunigan Family

Community $10,000+
  • Globetrotter Foundation
  • Grasslans Charitable Foundation
  • Owl Peak Farm
  • Paicines Ranch
  • Thornburg Foundation

Animals $5,000+
  • The 11th Hour Project
  • Central Colorado Educational Trust
  • Lavinia Currier
  • Dennis A. O'Toole Family and Martha-Ellen Tye Foundations

Plants $2,500+
Seed $1,250+
  • Julie and Michael Bain
  • Frank Hayes
  • Jessica Embry of Hitchrock Ranch
  • The Union Land and Grazing Company
  • Solution Strategies International

Soil $500+
  • The CS Foundation
  • Ferrell Ranch
  • Patrick O'Neill
  • Thalia Venerable
Sponsorship Information

Contact Avery C. Anderson Sponholtz, Executive Director, to become a sponsor.


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