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2016 Quivira Conference


Quivira Conference, Nov. 9-11, 2016
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Conference Schedule

Thanks to more than three decades of innovation and on-the-ground beta-testing we have an amazing toolbox of regenerative, profitable and potentially scalable solutions to a wide variety of twenty-first century challenges, including drought and food scarcity. However, most of these solutions have not reached their potential despite their many benefits. Quivira's 15th conference, will tackle the urgent question: How can we transform our world by getting regenerative solutions implemented widely and quickly? What are the obstacles? The opportunities? What are we doing wrong? Right? Speakers will offer their answers from diverse perspectives, including agriculture, conservation, policy, science, and advocacy, emphasizing leaders who are making a difference and real-world projects that are scaling up to effective levels. In the wake of the Paris Agreement on climate, the need for action is real and immediate. Please join us at this important event.