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2015 Speakers

Plentiful, ample, bountiful, generous, fertile, rich, replete--these are words that describe both the attitude and the goals of the next wave of agrarians. A social movement is like an ocean wave. It arises at a certain period of time, gathers strength, grows and works toward a defined goal, becoming an effective agent of change for a while. Eventually, a new wave with fresh ideas and energy heads toward shore, building on the earlier wave's success. Today, the goal is to put the now large and diverse regenerative toolbox to work cultivating abundance for all. In this conference, we will hear from ranchers, farmers, scientists, activists and others who are leading this next wave. We'll look down the road with them and share their thoughts on how to flourish amidst the emerging conditions and challenges of the twenty-first century.

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Paul Hawken

Environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author.

Wednesday evening's lecture and fundraiser will focued on Hawken's new effort Project Drawdown which its web site describes as "a book, open-source database, and digital platform describing how one hundred solutions deployed at scale can alter the composition of our atmosphere." This comprehensive list includes technological solutions such as renewable energy and energy efficiency measures; social solutions that require behavior change like lowering consumption of material goods and limiting population growth; and ecological solutions that restore carbon in soils and plants by bio-sequestering carbon dioxide.

Read the Orion Magazine November interview with Paul Hawken

Christine Jones, PhD

Groundcover and soils ecologist. Australia

All day Wednesday workshop, Fundamentals of Soil A pioneering soil biologist from Australia, Dr. Jones has inspired many people around the world with her research and insights on soil carbon, climate mitigation, and agroecological land management. In this day-long workshop, she will dig into the fundamentals of soil biology, chemistry, and strategies for their management.

Christine Jones 2015 Quivira Audio pt1 Christine Jones 2015 Quivira Audio pt2 Jones PDF Radio Cafe Interivew

Iván Aguirre and Iván Aguirre Darancou (father and son)

Family Ranchers, Rancho la Inmaculada. Sonora, Mexico

Early adopters of holistic management on their ranch, the Aguirres have successfully implemented a variety of business enterprises in addition to their cattle operation. Two generations will reflect on their experiences.

Aguirre, Quivira Conference PDF

Scott Black, PhD

Executive Director, Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Portland, Oregon

Dr. Black will speak about the society's monarch butterfly project, the largest habitat restoration effort in North American history. Populations have dropped dramatically, requiring a voluntary `all-hands-on-deck' effort nationwide to restore their numbers.

Scott Black, 2015 Quivira conference Audio Black PDF
Scott Black You Tube
*Radio Cafe Interivew

Rebecca Burgess

Founding Director of Fibersheds. San Geronimo, California

Burgess is the driving force behind a visionary effort to create regenerative textile systems in California that are based on sustainable wool production, progressive farming practices, carbon sequestration, regional manufacturing and public education.

Rebecca Burgess You Tube

Christopher Gill

Rancher, Circle Ranch. West Texas

On their ranch, the Gill family has put it all together: Keyline plowing, holistic cattle management, Bill Zeedyk-inspired road and riparian restoration, wildlife habitat improvement, drought-busting, profitability - and drones!

Christopher Gill Drought Busters and Keyline 101 videos and more, 2015 Quivira Conference

Owen Hablutzel

Specialist in the intersection between Holistic Management, Permaculture and Keyline Design California

Permaculture expert, Keyline design specialist, consultant and all-around Renaissance man, Hablutzel will share his global perspective on what the road ahead looks like for landowners and how ecological agriculture can answer many of the challenges.

Hablutzel, Quivira 2015 Audio Hablutzel PDF CoCreating Landscapes
Gordon Tooley KEYLINE PDF
Radio Cafe Interivew


Navajo farming project. New Mexico

Three Chapters on the Eastern Checkerboard of the Navajo Nation have developed a successful farming project in a food desert to sell produce in the three communities through a Mobile Market.

Hasbidito, Quivira 2015 Audio Hasbidito PDF

David C. Johnson, PhD

Project Specialist, Senior Research Scientist/Molecular Biologist Institute for Energy and Environment, New Mexico State University. Las Cruces, New Mexico

A microbiologist, Dr. Johnson has pioneered research on regenerative methods for activating and measuring biological life in agricultural soils that has huge potential for ecological farmers, ranchers, policy-makers and consumers alike.

David Johnson, Quivira 2015 Audio Johnson PDF Radio Cafe Interivew

André Leu

Farmer and President of IFOAM - Organics International. Daintree, Queensland, Australia

In his roles as an organic farmer and president of the international umbrella organization for organic advocacy, Leu has a deep, global perspective on all the issues connected to food production. In this talk he will discuss an exciting new effort called `Organic 3.0'.

Andre Leu, Quivira 2015 Audio Leu PDF
Andre Leu You Tube
Radio Cafe Interivew

Betsy Neeley

Senior Conservation Planner - Center for Conservation Science & Strategy, TNC. Colorado

A path-breaking habitat restoration project designed by Bill Zeedyk and aimed at improving the chances of the endangered sage grouse is underway around Gunnison, Colorado. Neeley will describe the project's hopeful goals and early accomplishments.

Betsy Neeley, Quivira 2015 Audio Neeley PDF
Betsy Neeley You Tube

Breece Robertson

National Geographic Information Systems (GIS) director for The Trust for Public Land. Santa Fe, New Mexico

GIS information systems have grown dramatically in sophistication in recent years. Using case studies, Robertson will describe how landowners and others can employ GIS in their planning and monitoring for a variety of conservation and agricultural work.

Breece Robertson, Quivira 2015 Audio Robertson PDF

Arturo and Oriana Sandoval

Arturo and Oriana Sandoval

Arturo, Executive Director of The Center of Southwest Culture, Inc.
Oriana, Arturo's daughter, is an attorney and has worked on economic development, environmental justice, conservation, and civil rights issues. Albuquerque, New Mexico

Sandoval, 2015 Quivira Conference Audio

Richard Teague, PhD

Range ecologist with Texas AgriLife Research, Texas

Dr. Teague has been scientifically studying the effects of planned grazing by livestock for decades and has lots of data to back up claims by holistic ranchers that their progressive management really does work. He will present a comprehensive summary of the science.

Richard Teague, Quivira 2015 Audio Teague PDF

Richard Teague You Tube

Bill Zeedyk

Bill owns and operates a small consulting business, Zeedyk Ecological Consulting, LLC, specializing in the restoration of wetland and riparian habitats using low tech, hands-on methods and native materials. Sapello, New Mexico

Restoration guru Bill Zeedyk will contribute to the Day 1 afternoon workshop by talking about Plug-and-Spread treatments that utilize the Keyline principles for managing water on western rangelands and degraded wetlands. Come and learn the basics in this dynamic, practice-based workshop!

Zeedyk PDF